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So much hair!!!

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I know that long haired cats shed more than short haired, but this is getting crazy. I brush Spartakiss almost every day, and vacuum every day and by the end of the day there is mounds of hair everywhere. I don't understand how he still has any hair left. I originally thought that it was the food that the previous owner was feeding him was the cause, but he's been on nature's variety dry(with a little wet every day, he's not a big fan of it) since october and he's still shedding just as bad. If I don't find a way to cut back on the amount he sheds, the hubby's going to take him in and get him shaved. (our appartments always very warm, so thats not the problem, I just think it'll be a little weird shaving him)
Is there anything I can do about the hair??
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Are you using a brush or combs. Longhair cats should be groomed by combs. Maybe you can pick up one of the Furminators - they seem to work well to get a lot out.
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My short hairs each shed a lot more than my three long hairs put together

I definitely second the furminator. Regular grooming helps a lot.
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I'm currently using a flea comb as it seems to really get hair out and prevents matts. I've heard of the furminators but have never used one. Are they really as good as people say they are??
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I love my furminator. Just search for the many posts and pictures on TCS on them.

You need to make sure you get the loose undercoat out, that is what is shedding. If you brush it out there is nothing to fly away
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Are they expensive?? I know it'll be worth it if it gets rid of some of the hair, but I'm just wondering what the price range is.
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You can get them for about 20 bucks on ebay (including shipping), they're more expensive in store. I use one on my shorthair and the dog, it works well on them.
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They are very expensive in stores but can be bought cheaply online
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Next time I go to Petco to pick up food, I'll check their prices - they seem fairly reasonable - a little high, but not outrageous. I may consider getting one for our lab!
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I got my Furminator at Petsmart - I think it was between $30-34, which I initially thought was a little on the high side - til I used it on my two dsh cats. They love, I love it, and I use it every day - sheddings gone down remarkably.
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I have a long hair kitten and my husband and I's biggest concern was having hair everywhere. We bought the Furminator and it was worth every cent!!

We use it once maybe twice a week (as well as brush) and have very very little hair around the house. We have nothing on our clothes and the only areas that you might find hair are where he sleeps on a regular basis but we go over it with the lint brush and that takes care of that.

Also my sister and brother in law bought the furminator for their German Shepard puppy and they in love with it as well.

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This is how much fur I got from Bumper on first use of the furminator (Short Hair)

and then after brushing Magnum as well (Long Hair)
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You know - I think I'll be saving $10 per paycheck and buying that thing to use on our lab - seriously!
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I love the furminator. It's worth every penny. I was lucky that another member here had bought one and she didn't care for it so I bought it from her for something like $10.
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I checked in Petsmart last night and they range from $42-55 Canadian so ebay is definitely a better deal for me, I bought mine for $28 including shipping to Canada on ebay for the one that is $47 instore.

I am sure they are cheaper in the US though.
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