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What can be done for his eyes??

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Is there anything that I can do to make Spartakiss's eyes not run as much?? I clean them every day, but I know that his eye's are getting a little sore from being wiped out every day. Is there some kind of drop or something I can put in his eyes?? He's starting to lose the hair around his eyes because of the constant goopiness.
Any help is appreciated.
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there are eye drops from the vet.. mine actually told me to use them for the nose too but ..what is he eating?? has the vet seen him for this?
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If his eyes are constantly runny it can be a sign of an illness.

Is it just gunk or a wet runny eye and what breed is he?
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It sounds like he needs medication! Your baby really ought to see a vet.

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He's currently eating Nature's Variety Raw Instinct Dry, with a little wet food twice a day(N.V. and Merrick) Before October, he was eating crap food, not sure which brand the previous owner was feeding him.
He's a Himalayan which I know are prone to runny eyes, but his seem exptremely runny and his nose is runny too.
It starts out as being runny-ish but then dried as a goopy mess.
The previous owner took him to the vets I don't know how many times about his eyes, and they've done plenty of tests but can't find out what's wrong with them. If they're not cleaned every day, they get infected.
I want to take him to my vet to have him looked at, but I'm still not ready to go back since Zorro died. I've been trying to convince myself to go, but I just can't do it. If his eyes get infected, of course I'll go in right away, but I'm hoping that I get over this whole vet fear thing before that happens.
I wonder if maybe the vet would prescribe the drops without seeing him? Probably not.
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I also should mention that his third eyelid of both eyes is covering half of his abnormally small eyes. The person I got him from said that they have been like that for a year or so.
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I was not really concerned until you mentioned about the 3rd eyelid part. That should not be happening. Is he extremely flat faced? My Himmie is and he gets red runny stuff coming out of his eyes every single day. I have to wipe them sometimes and he has always been this way. But they don't get infected if I don't wipe them, he will take care of it. But he gets runny noses slightly sometimes too. I would be concerned about the third eyelid showing though...
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The lady I got him from said he was a 'doll faced' himalayan. His face isn't really that flat. His eyes are very small though so I don't know if that's a problem. She said that he's been tested for blocked tear ducts, and a few other things(i can't remember right now) I'm a little concerned about the eyelids too, but she said that they've been like that for a while and the vet didn't know what was wrong. I'm not sure if my vet will have any idea either, but I'm still planning on taking him there eventually.
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I wouldn't wait due to fear, thats for sure!! You got to get him in there! If you get him in before the infection gets bad, it would probably be helpfull to him!! I was a little nervous to go back to my vets too. But when kitty got sick, I got over it real quick!
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he doesn't have an infection right now. He actually hasn't had one since I've had him.
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