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Our turn for bad weather

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So, I know that it was maybe 1 degree F in Burlington, VT and 28 F in Orlando today, but we are getting our share of bad weather here in CA. You know that it wil be bad weather when where you live is one of the top stories on the weather channel!
Rain and high winds were predicted for today and for the upcoming week. It was REALLY windy here (SF Bay Area) today - 40 mph. It has been raining most of the day. The forecast for the Sierras are 5 - 6 feet of snow. Yes, feet. We need the rain and the snow pack. Tomorrow is supposed to bring even heavier rain.
Like I said, we need the rain so I am not complaining.
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Yikes. Stay safe!
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Mono County Sheriff's office has asked Vons employees to advise anyone coming to the county to buy supplies enough for 3 days. These hard blizzards are a way of life up here; thank GOD for CalTrans plow operators & the Verizon & Edison boys - they rock
On a side note - some of our clients are commercial truckers and the long-haul guys LOVE California's snow controls - from the CMA-laced pavement that helps prevent black ice to the awesome job that CalTrans does with the plows & snowblowers.
And you're right- we sure need the rain - the SoCal dairy farmers are buying those 500# bales of hay cuz their forage fields are dry and dead. But the good weather made for extra outdoors-play-days for the rest of us
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