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Eep! She's too young!

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My kitten who just turned 6 months old a few days ago has appeared to have gone into heat.

I can't believe this, she just turned 6 months old. She is scheduled to get spayed the end of this month.

When I called my vet they told me that its not unheard of for kittens as young as 6 months old to go into heat. What irks me most though is that they wouldn't spay her until she was 6 months old. If they know that kittens can possibly get pregnant that young than why the hell wouldn't they be willing to spay at an earlier age.

Luckily she is an indoor only cat and we are watching her like a hawk so she doesn't slip out. Our neutered male seems to be so confused by her attention and the constant meowing and whining, as opposed to her normal attacking him.
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She's definitely not too young, they can go into heat as early as 3-4 months!
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Oh yeah, kitties can definatly go into heat younger than 6 months!
Im supprised they wouldn't fix her before that though, maybe because its a harder surgery than the one for boys! My Eek is scheduled to be fixed this month!
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Hey you are in Elyria! Go to The Neuter Clinic on Fulton and Memphis in Cleveland, google search them for the number, I can't remember it right off. They are WONDERFUL can get her in asap within a few days usually and they don't require any other things to be done like vaccines or testing. Unless she needs that done, then go for it! It will also only cost $45. I would drop the vet that told you it is unheard of for cats under 6 months to go into heat. If you can, would you PM me the vets name? (Don't post it here!!)

For further note... cats can be speutered at 12 weeks old, The Neuter Clinic will do then his young I do believe. So if any other cats come your way...
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Vets not experienced in pediatric spays will usually insist on 6 months, which can often be too late. Both Persil and Biscotte had one heat before they were done, though in Persil's case the vet wanted to wait till she had recovered from previous surgery. I felt terrible for them both - they were still just kittens.
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We speuter all our animals before they're adopted out. I don't recall the minimum age for the procedure, but I know they have to weigh at least two pounds for our vets to do it.

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Kittens as young as 4-5 months old can come into heat and breed/get pregnant.

You might consider confining her to one room (bedroom) where there is no chance of escape till she's spayed.
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my cat went into heat at 4 months and was fixed about 1 month after so its not to young
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Luckily she is not in any danger of getting out, she is just being rather annoying Our apartment has two doors you have to go through in order to actually get outside.

She does run to the door when we are getting ready to leave as if we are going to let her out. She just sits there patiently like she fully expects us to let her go. However she is still a sucker for the mouse thrown in the opposite direction of the door to distract her.
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Daphne went into heat at 4 1/2 months. I was expecting 6 months as well
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i am in the uk and was told by my vet that dora could be spayed at 6 months old which i appreciate as perhaps a later spay is safer under anaesthetic? however, dora is five months old and has just come into heat! i have her booked in for her pre-spay consultation next week and was hoping to have her spayed by the end of the month. does anybody know approximately how long her heat may last? she was constantly crying and rolling over last week and creeping around the floor with her bum raised in the air. last night she seemed alot more settled, she actually let me sleep ALL NIGHT LONG and even slept herself. fingers crossed it is nearly over.....xx
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Usually they cycle for about 3 weeks. But sometimes the first heats may be only a few days. Ling's lasted all of 3 days of crying when she had he first heat (5 months old). We got her spayed after that.
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Yes, it used to be that the later spay was safer because of the anesthesia. Nowadays, however, new procedures (and perhaps new substances?) are being used to put the kitties under; and that makes it safe for kittens, too. The 2-pound cutoff line is the safety standard for the new anesthesia.
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okay thanks, well i have her booked in with the vet this friday for her consultation and then will book the op while i'm there for next week. by then her heat will be over and we should be in time before she starts another!!! phew. xx
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Yeah my sisters kitten is 4 months and goes in and out of heat..its weird GOOD LUCK WITH HER SPAY!
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The breeder my brother is getting his Maine Coon kitten from says to never get your kitten spayed before 7 months old, which I thought was rather late-- maybe it's a Maine Coon thing? I would be worried though about the increased chance of cancer if spaying that late...
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It's a matter of growth, I think. It might be that he worries the cat will not reach its huge adult size--Maine Coons are some of the largest and slowest-growing cats. But for a pet quality cat, I don't think that would matter.
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Pepper is getting spayed this week. The SPCA we got her from said she had to be at least 3 pounds. We took her in a week and a half ago and she was 3.2 lbs, but they said they wanted her to grow a little more. This week she was 3.7 lbs and so they scheduled her to have the surgery this week. She's only 9 or 10 weeks old.
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I heard if you spay them before their first heat cycle you reduce their chance of cancer significantly, after the heat cycle its reduced I think 28% and after their second heat their is no reduction of the risks of cancer! I have boys so things are a little different, but my two 3 month olds are getting neutered this month!! Good luck to ya, I hope things go good and you get her in soon!
I guess girl cats can go into heat every two to three weeks! YIKES!!!
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I got Mi-ke when she was 12 weeks old (per her paperwork), and she'd been spayed. My previous cat was spayed later in life, once we had her, and she went into heat only a few days before the surgery, so we were getting anxious to get it done.
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thanks for all your messages, dora seeems to be coming out of her heat already, i'm guessing that it will be completely over by tomorrow. we have her booked in for a consultation on friday and then i'm hoping he will spay her next wednesday. is this too soon after her heat does anybody know? she would have been out of heat for a week. it's weird, she was only in heat for 6days, i expected it to be longer. we could always give her an extra couple of days and spay her on friday instead. i just don't want her going into heat again already!!!! she is my first cat and it was really sad to see her so distressed...... xx
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It's fine. Tell your vet when she came out of heat.

But just think... she'll never have to go through this again! Sometimes I wish human women could just be spayed and be done with it... we could grow our babies in big fish tanks, and not have to walk around pregnant (though I'll admit it does kind of seem like it'd be special to carry your baby around like that). Lucky kitties, never having to worry about PMS again! :P
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My Mooch went into heat at like 4 1/2 or close to 5 months. I forget now. But it was very short. So short she went into the heat on Saturday, her spay appt had already been scheduled for that next Tuesday, and she was fine by then.

Good luck with her spay!
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Kittens can get spayed/neutered younger then 6 months. All my kittens once they are sold and before they leave to their new home, are fixed at 4 months old. There are quite a few vets that will do it at 4 months old also.

Is it a young inexperienced vet??

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My little Aura got spayed on Friday and is doing good, although I think the little bugger already chewed a stitch out.

The incision looks really bunched up except in the middle where it looks like there should be a stitch, but instead it looks like the skin is separated. So its back to the vet to check and see if there is a missing stitch and to get a cone for her.

She was being sneaky about licking her incision too. I would watch her and she would be licking the shaved skin and then next thing you know she is licking her incision and pulling on a stitch. She's a snot but I love her.
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Daphne did the same thing. If I took the ecollar off for even a second, she was right at those stitches. She had to wear the collar until the stitches came out She looked sooo miserable! Hoping your little one settles down once the itchiness goes away
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