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What this behavior means?

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I've heard it said that if a cat puts it's butt to your face - that's to be taken as a sign of honor. Fine, that's been happening a lot lately with our Lucky. But, what does it mean when you're lying down on your stomach and the cat walks over onto your back and just settles herself there? It certainly doesn't bother me in the least, but I was curious if this is some sort of dominant behavior - or if she's just reminding me that she owns me.
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LOL It means she finds you a very comfortable person to lay upon! LOL And you wondered if she would ever trust you!
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OMG - Hissy!

I would never have believed she would EVER become such a loving little gal. She's very verbal with my s/o, but she doesn't run and hide anymore when we go in the room, and she actually comes right up and presses up against us and begs to be petted. Amazing! We love her to bits. I couldn't do without her in my life for anything at this point. I cannot believe the love she brings both to us and gets out of us. If I'm having a terrible day, all I need to do is go and spend a couple hours with her and I'm cured. Our other pets do the same thing, but it seems so much more rewarding with Lucky.

I'm SO darn happy!
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Sandi, Ophelia does that a lot to me too! In fact, she'll settle either there or on the back of my legs for the night. I just figured she did it for the same reason they like laps - it's comfy and warm. You really are doing great with Lucky. Ophelia didn't start doing this until she was about 2 1/2 years old!
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Our cat lies on us all the time - although he is by no means a "lap cat". I've always assumed he figures we're his parents - kittens usually lie together in a heap, on top of their mother, etc. You're warm, soft and reassuring to your cat, I suppose. Dogs do the same thing, given the chance. Maybe because they're also born in litters.
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wow! i can't get coco to lay on my back. she loves to knead when she is on my chest or stomach and it think she would make a great massuese if i could just get her to climb on my back.
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