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Stinky Breath!!

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I have had alot of health problems with my kitty the last month, and ran up quite a bill. Well my vet tells me that my cat has gingivitis and pyria, and that I need to get a dental done. I cannot afford that at this time so I am wondering if anyone knnows any home remedies I could use to get his mouth back in line. His little gums are so red, and I know that he has got to be miserable. I know that toothpaste isn't good for cats, and a human brush is too big to get to all of his teeth anyways. We tried rubbing his gums with peroxide twice a day, and that helped a little with the smell of his breath, but not the color of his gums. Not sure what else to try. Help!
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They make treats that are for dental health. Cant remember the name of them i have some all i can tell you is that they are green lol they help for the breath but not sure if it will help with the gingivitis
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there are also toothbrushes & pastes made for cats. check these out: cat toothbrush
cat toothpaste
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I've used the cat treats (Greenies) that are supposed to help but they didn't do anything. Bijou has bad breath but his teeth and gums are pretty good. I do have the cat toothpase and finger brush but I'm guilty of not doing his teeth often enough - that could be one of my New Year resolutions.
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According to my vet, the only thing you can do once they have gingivitis is to have a dental cleaning. I just had to have one done on Cindy and I know they aren't cheap! Have you maybe tried for the Care Credit that I understand you can pay off a little at a time with no interest. It's going to get more expensive if they have to do any extractions (at least that's how it is here). Good luck, I hope the little guy feels better.
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Brushing their teeth with cat toothpaste definitely helps. I don't do it enough and was just saying to my BF that we should do them (he does two, I do the other three).

I am not sure how much peroxide will help, I use it to clean their toothbrushes but never to clean their teeth?
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