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Finally some pictures where her eyes don't glow!

Cautiously watching Benson.

No more pictures!
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She is a beautiful girly! She looks so happy in those photos!

This one was our favorite - a gorgeous close up
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Such a pretty girl!
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my goodness!! look at those looooooong whiskers!!!
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Wow...there is something very wise about her gaze. There's something she knows that we don't know....

What a pretty girl.

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Very pretty girl!!
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I was trying to get a picture of her and Cello together. She is so tiny and he is so big. Unforntuately I can't get close to her. Occasionally when she is on mom's bed she will tuck her head under which means I can pet her and cuddle her. She loves kisses.
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she looks so lovely!
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lovely.... great one of her close up
Abby hates to have her picture taken, she turns her head away every time, even when there is no flash. If I corner her, where she can't turn away, she will close her eyes.
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She has some long whiskers! Her eyes are so gorgeous!
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