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We found a Wii last night! I had been wanting one and Matt tried to find one for me for Christmas but they were like impossible to find around here (and pretty much everywhere I think). Well my boss actually told me where we could find one and we got it last night.

How many of you guys have played the Wii? If you haven't played it yet, you have to try one, even if you don't like video games. I have never really been into games but I LOVE this system!
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It's a great system. My DH got Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga and we have been playing it nonstop since Christmas!! haha It's a great game.
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We had had one since they came out and I LOVE it!!

Check out:

Wario Ware: a whole bunch of 5 second long mini games and you pass the wiimote around and play it.

Big Brain Academy: It tests your quick solving skills. Silly little games that are math related or memorization.

WiiSports: I don't like sports but bowling is awesome!
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The local video store rents one out $9.95/3 days plus he has lots of games.
I want to rent it to see if I would like to purchase one later this year.
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The Wii is awesome! I spent my New Year's at my friend's house playing her Wii. The Wii sports is fun, and Super Mario Galaxy freaking rocks! I highly reccomend Super Mario Galaxy. If you get motion sickness easily you probably shouldn't play it though.
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I actually bought a few games last night for it. I got the zapper which comes with Links Crossbow training which is cool. I also got ray rabbits one or something like that. It is a bunch of really funny mini games, it has a two player mode too but I haven't really tried that yet. We rented Mario galaxy because I was trying to figure out if I wanted to buy it and it seems pretty cool so far, I think I will end up getting it. I want Guitar Hero three too.
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I bought my Boyfriend one for Christmas (been hiding it since October). It came with the sports package, and I played bowling but haven't played it anymore. I love it though--we have Tiger Woods golf and Resident Evil, too.

Congratulations on finding one!
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Wow, there is such a craze for this I tried it for the first time on New Years..and it was fun..but not incredible IMO. I think its a trend more than anything

But then again, I would be happy if they stopped inventing new systems after Super Nintendo
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We have a Wii. I got my husband one for his birthday last July. We usually play it at least once a day. I was never really into games very much but the Wii is loads of fun. We just got a few of new games for Christmas: Carnival Games, DDR Hottest Party and Mario Galaxy. They are fun. But I have got to say I actually love the plain old Wii Sports the most!
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We want one, but after you guy the Wii itself & then the games, it was way too spendy for me
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I have one and we LOVE bowling, paper mario and Zelda. DH loves his need for speed game, but how is that LEGO game??????
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Lego Star Wars is AWESOME!!! And very addicting. It's not incredible difficult, but there is a ton of things you can get. The bad things is there isn't any tutorial so you have to learn by doing.
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