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Too much water

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How do you know when a cat is drinking too much water? I watched Mickey go to his water bowl 3 times in a few hours the other day. I never really noticed before how many times he goes to his bowl but I never seen him go that often. Maybe because I was in my bedroom at that time and could hear him drinking (Thats where I keep their food and watrer because they spend more time in my room thatn anywhere else and therefore eat and drink more if it's in my room than the kitchen)
So basically I just wanna know how much cats usually drink, and how to tell if he is drinking too much.
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Just to add, he doesnt eat wet food at all so I would assume he would drink more water on dry food than on wet.
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I believe that I've read that cats should have around 6 ounces of moisture (from water, wet food, etc.) for every 10 pounds of weight. So a 12 lb cat could drink around 7.2 oz a day. From what I understand, healthy cats should drink about what's needed, but many cats who eat dry only are often dehydrated.

What brand of food does your cat eat, and has that changed recently? Certain ingredients can cause a cat to drink more.
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I just recently swithched squishy to a mixture of 50% purina kitten chow, and 50% purina cat chow because she seemed to still be hungry just eating the kitten chow. The older folks i grew up with that always had cats always swore that wet food was not good for cats and causes worms(dont know if it is true could just be a wisetale)so as a rule i never feed my animals wet food, (dogs or cats) But she drinks a lot of water i think, She only weighs about 7-8 lbs but drinks about 7 ounces a day sometimes maybe about 9 ounces. her water dish holds a little over 8 ounces and i fill it everyday and sometimes in the evenings she will require me to refresh it before bedtime where she will take another great big drink.
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FYI Typical water consumption for a 10lb kitty feed dry only is 4-6 oz ... any more would have me getting bloodwork done... a kitty feed wet and dry in= amounts will drink or should drink less

Wet food does NOT cause worms and does aid in kitty dental health.. it also mimics the natural prey in protein fat and moisture ...
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like i said it was always the old farm people that told me about the wet food but if it is good for squishy what kind and how much should i give her?
if it is good for her i will offer it to her but want to know the best kinds to get.
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yes there are BETTER wets but any wet will help ... I for my 30 yrs have done 50/50 till I learned dry was just for my convience...and went to canned / homemade/ raw ... my current girl will only eat a teaspoon of a few premium wets , she likes avoderm and nutro
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