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boys will be boys!!

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I posted a couple weeks ago about two of my male cats (tiger, tyler) picking on my female kitty (honey)
I wonder when i get her spayed (jan28th) if this will stop.
"the boys" are playing...she just wants nothing to do with them.
Honey is very loveable and will play, but when it comes to wrestling around , she is not for it at all.
No offense!! but being that they are of the male gender..they sense her not wanting to mess around and that attracts them more. I think they get a kick out of it!! Typical!!
The idea of getting rid of anyone is just not an option...we will just have to deal with it and find a solution. Honey gets lots of extra lovin..she loves to cuddle and will sleep under blankets..my own little heating pad!
I noticed "the boys" try to pull that crap with my other females but instead of running like honey does ..they give a stern meow and will crack them right upside there heads. the boys back off then. Tyler and Tiger are very close buddies..always side by side...and play all the time,,very energetic!!
There big boys to! Tyler(1 Yr.old) is about 12 lbs and Tiger (2 yr old)is a little over 10 lbs. Love my big boys!! Any advice on how to get Honey to stand up for herself and pop them one!!
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You can't - she has to decide when enough is enough. When Charlie and Ling get into it (I know that Charlie instigates it most of the time) I just yell "knock it off guys" and they quit.

Sometimes I'll have to get up and go in the other room and break it up - then they are sitting there like "we're not doing anything mom!"
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Yelling at my cats is usually enough to get them to knock that kind of thing off. My female is usually them one doing the attacking, though - she's a tortoise shell calico and generally doesn't put up with any crap from my two boys.
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