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Cat's Condition has Worsened

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When we adopted Ramman from the SPCA, the told us he was recovering from a URI, which they said is a cat cold. He had a little bit of discharge from his eyes but other than that, he was playful and full of energy. They gave us his meds and instructed us on how to give them and we did up until now. We were nearing the end of his medication (Amoxycillan) (spelling) and we noticed, he wasn't only not getting better, he was getting worse. So the trip to the vet that was supposed to just be a check up turned into a "Make our baby better" appointment.

The told us his previous meds were not strong enough to get rid of whatever he has and she suspects a virus on top of the bacterial infection and gave us stronger meds for him to give twice a day instead of once. He also is getting eye drops three times a day.

He has lost a lot of energy and he has a lot of eye and nose discharge. He's sneezing and coughing a lot. My husband said that he held him for a few hours after the vet appointment and all he did was sleep in his lap. I'm one of those people that would rather have whatever my animal has instead of them having it.

Is there anything other than regularly giving him his meds that would help him feel better? I know that with humans, we usually take hot steamy baths to loosen up any chest congestion and sinus pressure, but what can we do for him? I hate seeing him like this.
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I dont know for sure, but couldn't you use a humidifier (sp) in the room he is in just to loosen some of the gunk up?? I hope he feels better! Its no fun watching them go thru this!! Sending good your way!
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If you have a small bathroom that holds in steam when you shower, bring him in there with you when you shower to give him a good steam. The humidifier or a vaperizor (no vicks with it) can help. Keep his energy up by making sure he is eating. If you have to resort to stinky canned cat foods for a while, he might be able to smell them and that will stimulate his appetite.

I hope he feels better soon!!
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He still has an appetite. At least he did last night and this morning so no issues there. He's just a bit sluggish and he's coughing and sneezing more. We'll try the steam since we don't have a humidifier at the moment. Maybe Ramman and I both need it. lol
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