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Corners of mouth swollen and red

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Today I noticed that the corners of Aurora's mouth (both sides, on the outside) are red, swollen and little crusty and I was wondering what this could be caused by. I looked it up on the internet but I couldn't find anything about swollen corners of the mouth anywhere and I was wondering if anyone had heard of this before. Maybe it's normal and I just didn't realize it before she became ill but I'm really sensitive now. I looked inside her mouth and her gums don't appear to be swollen or red. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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Are kitties mouth still pink or are they whitish at all??
I dont know what could cause that problem but would suggest checking it out at the vet just to make sure!!

Good coming you way!
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Weren't you givinmg her some type of enzyme to help with diahrea?? And wasn't she vomiting afterwards? I'd be concerned that the treatment may have been too strong or she was allergic to it and it's maybe caused burns or maybe a thrush type reaction?? I know in humans, swelling and crusting or cracks in the corner of the mouth is caused by a vitamin deficiency. I would definitely get her into the vet very soon. It sounds serious! Have you checked inside her mouth (roof,throat,tongue) and not just her gums??
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I'm not sure what the color of the gums should look like so I'm not sure if they're too pale but they're definitely pink. They're paler than my other cat's mouth but my other cat is a completely different color and has black lips so the inside of her mouth might also be a different shade of pink. I looked at her tongue and the roof of her mouth and they're the same color as her gums. She hasn't vomited since Sunday or maybe Monday but she did have a very light colored diarrhea that was half formed and half liquid two days ago outside of the cat box. Otherwise it seems as if her poop has improved somewhat. I am wondering at this point with so many symptoms if I need to get a complete blood panel on her just to rule out anything else. I will call my vet tomorrow to see what they think.
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