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This is a hard word challenge game from our newspape

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The trivia editor from our local newspaper wanted double-rhyming word pairs. Had to be 2 syllables, with each of the syllables rhyming with each other and each of the syllables being a word. His example was "suitcase" and "bootlace." Has to be one compound word.
I can rhyme anything but I admit that it took me all afternoon to get a pair. I finally came up with:


No rules against homophones.

How about you? Like I said, this was really hard for me.
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Cargo and Fargo?

Do place names work?
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Well, I came up with groundhog and hound dog, and then realized that didn't count.

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Place names would work, though I think the rules were that each syllable had to be a different word.
Really hard.
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I thought of notebook and coathook, but I'm not sure coathook is supposed to be one word I'm working on it!!
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I came up with playground and greyhound.

Let's see how much more time I can waste on this...
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paper, caper
pretty, kitty
they call me "Mellow Yellow!!
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Awesome! RobertM
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This is a LOT harder than it sounds. Either that or my brain isn't functioning very well today.

I typed out a whole slew of qualifying words but I can't come up with any matches!

Actually, the only other pair that came to my mind is cupcake and uptake.

Now I can't focus on anything else AND I'm at work at the moment. Thanks a lot butzie.
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Wow, this is hard..I am racking my brain!
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maypole????? (kinda, sorta???)
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You are so very welcome RobertM. Those are a great pair of words. Besides, isn't the game better than work?
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Wow... this is really hard. I came up with bloodhound/floodground escept floodground should be 2 words.
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headlock and bedrock (yes, it's a word...Stop singing the Flintstones theme song!).

All that mental energy for just 3 answers. UGH.
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catcaregiver - you got it!
RobertM - You are improving your mental age!
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All of you are so good!
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