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2 loooong weeks!

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Hi! I am brand new to this site.

I had to put my baby girl 2 sleep 2 weeks ago. She was diagnosed with breast cancer just over 3 years ago and I was told I might only get 1 year if I was lucky! Well, I was REALLY lucky because I got over 3 years! But in my opinion it was not enough!!!!
About 2 months ago I noticed something wasn't right. Not a major difference but it was something. I was sooo scared to take her to the vet. I knew it would be bad news. When I finally brought her, they did an xray and found the cancer had spread to her lungs. Her poor little lungs were filled with metastatic tumors. Filled! I was devistated. My worst fear had become a reality. So I took her home and decided to keep a close eye on her to be sure I would not have to let her get to the point of suffering. 3 weeks later I took her in because her breathing was obviously challenging for her. The vet told me that he could hear raspy in her lungs and that things would probably get bad for her within 2 weeks. This was on a saturday. I knew what I had to do. My parents were coming home from their vacation on monday and asked if I thought she would be ok until they got home. (they wanted to be here for me and to be able to watch the kids)
2 weeks ago today (12/19) I had to say goodbye. It was the worst day of my life. My house is so different without her. My other cat cries all the time because she misses her. I cry all the time. This was the first pet I have had to say goodbye to. A piece of me died right along with her. I feel like there is a hole in my heart now that may not heal.
I had her cremated and picked up her ashes this past friday. She is in a beautiful cherry box with her picture on the front. She sits on a shelf close to my bed in my room. It was her room. Since I bought this house 5 years ago she spent her days in there. She slept on the bed with me every night. So that is where she belongs. It was so hard to pick her up. To have a bag handed to me with my cat in it. I hated that moment. Hated it.
My kids are so sweet. (almost 3 year old twins, so they don't really get it!) Every morning they say good morning to her. Every night they ask to say good night to Pookey. They kiss her box.

Thanks for reading my story!

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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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i know exactly what youre going through. i had to put my cat down on dec 4th. It was so painful to make that decision. She was with me for 9 years and she would sleep on the corner of my bed as well. I feel a horrible aching pain in my stomach when I think about her. It's especially hard on the week anniversaries of her death. It will get better though. I know the pain you feel and no words can describe it. It's a terrible feeling. I still walk by my room and look in expecting to see her laying on the corner of my bed but shes not there. This too was my first pet loss. At least our cats are pain free and more comfortable. It's ok to feel sad when you need to. It's good to let it out. Always remember your cat and the good things when she was with you.
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RIP Pookey.
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I'm so sorry Your little girl is no longer suffering now she's at Rainbow Bridge

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. One year ago I had to put my baby girl to sleep, and I will never be the same.

Your children sound adorable and I'm glad they are dealing with things well.

Rest in peace, sweet Pookey
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Its never easy making that decision but its the nicest thing you could do for her to end the suffering....

I hope things get easier for you...

RIP Pookie, Over the bridge!
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Oh I am so sorry you had to lose her so soon May she Rest in peace and be free of any pain now
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Aww so sorry to hear about your cat May she rest in peace
Thats so sweet how your kids kiss her box & how they say goodnight & good morning to her...
When you are ready, hopefully another kitty will be as lucky to have you like Pookey did
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my Rebby a year ago and I have his ashes in my room and I still talk to him. Rest in Peace Pookey.
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Condolences on your sad loss of Pookey I am glad that you were able to summon the strength to let her go, to spare those final agonies that grimly loomed in her future; that was true love I hope that your heart continues to heal, and that you and your other cat and your children soon find healing that eases the sadness and grief. Remember that we at TCS are here for you and we do understand, only too, too well, the pain of such a loss. Please keep us updated on how you're doing. Susan
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thank you all so much!
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Aww I'm so sorry for your loss. Bless your heart. I recently lost a kitty that was very special to me too. It has been the hardest thing. And my other cat reacted the same way yours is. I finally gave in though and got another male cat and my female has been fine ever since! And I love the new kitty. He's very different but no less a joy in my life and has been a great distraction from the pain. It wouldn't work for everyone to run out and adopt a new cat after just a few weeks. But it worked for me and Peaches (my female cat). Regardless, I believe your cat knew how much she was loved and that she knew she was blessed to have such a good home.
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