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My two kittens pictures

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Everyone is so kind to answer my previous post about being new to 2 kitties. My son named them, so here are their names are Eclair (Female) and Spidycat (male). I'll try to send a picture link, but I can't seem to get it to work when I click on the image button above. The whole message box doesn't even look like the tutorial on how to post pictures. When I click the image box, it opens up a smaller box that has no place to place my link. So maybe I'm doing this wrong, but here goes, if it's wrong let me know.

and watching chickens out the window:
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They are very cute!!! To post the pictures instead of using the image button use the image code from photo bucket It confused me too
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they are so cute, I love the way they snuggle
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What sweeties!
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aww! very cute
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Very cute! Welcome to TCS!!
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Hello & welcome to tcs. Your kitties are very cute. Look forward to hearing all about them.
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Very cute kitties!
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Your two kitties are precious! Love the one of them sitting together watching the chickens

Can't wait to see more photos of them! They are so cute!!
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Eclair and Spidycat are cute as can be.
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oh goodness, how adorable are they!! I think your son picked great names!!
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Here you go...

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Awwww look at them! They're such a bonded pair, its so sweet
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Tell your son for me that those names are just perfect!!!! Now you just need one more either the lighter or darker and just keep going and going!!! hehehehe
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Ok, just where is the cuteness warning? They are perfectly adorable!
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Awwww so sweet!
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Oh my goodness, they love each other so much
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