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Cost of shots for kitten

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The new vet quoted me between $70-85 for a wellness check and her 12 weeks shots. Does this sound normal? I live in central Illinois. I plan on calling other vets in the area. I found another one about 45 minutes away that has MUCH better price and is a great vet (my mom takes her kitten there). What would you do? Does this sound high?
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That sounds about right for my area... 44 for the physical, 18 for FRCP, 18 for rabies, 12 for fecal, another 15 for deworming. If your vet is charging less, what service are you missing? Is your vet up to date on the latest vaccination procedures (NO vaccines over the shoulder!!) and schedules? All puppies and kittens should be dewormed every 2 weeks until they are 4 months old, so don't skip it. Does your vet check eyes and ears with a scope? Does he ask how your kitten is adjusting to your home, and address any behavior problems? Does he recommend further care (spay/neuter, 1 year vaccinations)? If you get all of these things for less money, then GREAT... but I wouldn't count on it.

Taken any kids to the doctor for vaccinations lately? Do you know what it costs pre-insurance? Same medical care, different species... its actually quite cheap if you think about it!
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The vet i take squishy to charged close to 80 for the exam, fecal, and shots. No worms were found either of the three times we have taken her so no wormer was needed. The vet uses a scope, hands, and ears to check her. There are two vets at this facility. Male and Female, both were very good with her and i feel did a very thorough check on her. They checked her teeth, and claws. Gave her a vitamin and even played with her with the laser light which she loves to pieces. The Dr. asked about spaying and declawing on the first visit and informed us on the second visit that she was old enough and given the ok to have the procedures done, Unfortunately hammy and i have both been laid off from our jobs due to company bankruptcy a week before christmas and with the holiday just passing have not made it back to work yet. Soon as we get back to work(hopefully within the next week) we are scheduling her appointment. But I feel more comfortable sometimes paying a little more especially if it is a matter of 15 or 20 dollars. That is such a small amount to pay for a Doctor that cares a little more or may take the extra measure to ensure the healty or our furbabies. Wont tell you its a bad idea to take the cheaper route just tellin you my opinions.
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My vet waives the exam fee for just getting shots and Zoeys baby series and boosters were 55 and 45 ... Now the next vet charges 50-60 also no exam fee ....
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