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People are SO ignorant!

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I received the below in an e-mail.. And I was utterly annoyed. Why are people so.. stupid?

"I love cats, I have two of my own and I adores them, but I'm not under and delusions about their qualities: Cats are about the least loyal animals on the planet. They might like the care you provide them, but they don't give a about you. They also aren't honest... they'll act as if they like you just to get more food. Integrity is difficult to define in feline terms so I'll leave that one alone..."

...Well, my cats are freefed from a dispenser, and I DOUBT they link me to that. Yet, some utter miracle of miracles, they still demand my affection and attention, play with me, and love me, specifically. Trina, specifically, will greet me at the door and hide from everyone but my boyfriend and I. HAH!

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No kidding!

I guess I know where it comes from, though; kitty begging does look a lot like affection. Baby Girl is my beggar--when she's hungry, she'll twine around my legs, wrap her tail around my ankles, mew, roll over and show her belly, and generally look cute. She knows that gets her extra treats! But even Baby genuinely likes me and shows affection when food isn't involved; I can hardly keep her off my lap sometimes.

Tiny's much more honest with his affection--he never begs that way; he just looks at me and makes a polite chirping meow when he wants something. When Tiny cuddles up to you, you know it's because he likes you and wants to be near you! Considering that he's had to overcome a lot of time as a stray to learn to trust me, I feel quite honored when this happens. He's even learned to SIT (not stand) on my lap! Some cats never learn that; but I guess he learned from Baby's purr that it was a nice thing to do. He's still nervous; I don't pet him when he sits on my lap, because he's always a bit tense, with just the least little twitch in the end of his tail. But Tiny's my wake-up cat... when he knows I'm about to wake up, he cuddles up to my face, pats my cheeks, and purrs. Very cute. Sometimes annoying, but it's pretty obvious he likes to snuggle when I'm lying down--I'm least threatening then!

I guess people like that just need to stop thinking of cats as little furry humans and take them on their own terms. It's funny how people see things from their own perspectives so much... well, no, not their own perspectives really; but that they're not aware that they see out of their own eyes, and that other people (and cats) think and experience the world differently.
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Well, that's lame. People can be so clueless.

My guys don't get affectionate when wanting food. When I make their food they just whine, cry, and for it! Every morning and every night! It's like they're telling me I'm taking too long and to hurry it up!

Also, sometimes I suspect they come over just for warmth because I have a space heater in front of the couch.

Otherwise, they are incredibly loving and affectionate.

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Some people ARE stupid. Someone in my apartment complex has a license plate frame that reads "cats flattened while you wait." I still haven't figured out whose car it is, but I am on the lookout.

As for the affection thing, Matilda loves affection and having her belly rubbed (so long as it's on her terms, not yours). She even seeks it out. Has nothing to do with food (she has a distinct meow for that, lol).
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i guess this person just hasnt had the privledge of having the unconditional love of a pet. or anyone else it sounds
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My kitties love to be loved! And it has nothing to do with food! They know how to get food, but my bedroom is far from the kitchen and thats where they like their attention! They come into my bedroom every night to get their scratches!
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OK, that's ridiculous. They can't EVEN have cats. They must've been trying to annoy you.

So everyone makes fun of us about our cats. BUT.....when their cat's sick, or acting weird, who is the first person they came to? LOL!

I'll bet that I could charge at least 1 or 2 days at work for consulting on fellow employees' cats' problems.

Go cats!
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Popsie won't get affectionate for food either. He just bellows at me. He gets affectionate because he wants lovins.
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"Cats are about the least loyal animals on the planet."
Do you know what the best response to this would be?
That humans are the least loyal. What other creature goes out of it's way to purposely try to hurt another that they supposedly have a bond with, and for no reason? Whether it be friend or family.

Were I in your place, I would respond with that and let them interpret it the way they want... but I'm not particularly worried about offending people if they can say something like that to me.
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Whatever cats may feel towards us, I really don't care. Hate me, love me, ignore me, take me for granted... it's no big deal. I love them for what they are.
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