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I almost forgot to tell you all - it's an Extra Special Great Day!!!!!

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Many of you followed the story of Julius and Spooky, and a sad tale that was. Just wanted to let you know that Juli is doing great, although we haven't found a home for him. His hair is growing back, he's eating, and he's getting fat and fluffy!

Spooky, of course, is part of our happy family now. She's a love bundle, and almost wants TOO much attention these days!

Munchkin is in a GREAT home, she was renamed Annie, and her new parents are super spoiling her.

Magic, the littlest of the kittens still living outside (no-kill shelters around here have VERY LONG wait lists!), we put into a boarding facility because it was so cold here. He got sick, so had to go stay with the Vet for some time. It turns out, when Gary went to pick him up to take him back to the boarding facility, a woman brought in a cat that ended up crossing over to the Rainbow Bridge. But Gary, being Gary, showed off Magic to everyone in the waiting area. The lady remembered that, and knew he needed a home. She called the Vet and asked if Magic was still available for adoption!

The Vet's called us today - and they say she has three other cats (which works for us, because Magic is used to being with a gang of cats), and that she is FABULOUS with her cats!!!!!!! The Vet's is helping us with our ASPCA case against the people who adopted Spooky and Julius, and so they know what we're looking for in a home.


Julius, Thanksgiving, and Tuxedo to go!

(Although Gary REALLY wants Tuxedo. I don't know what to do.)

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I missed some of the story, but your summary caught me up enough to say, "Wow! Lucky Magic and Luck you!"
It really is an EXTRA EXTRA blessing when you can find a loving home. I am happy for you!!!

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It is a great day! Hurray for Magic and his new forever home! I am glad to hear that Munchie is still doing well in her home, too.
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I am so glad to hear Magic found a furrever home! You have done such good work with this little family of cats. You and Gary should be very proud, we are all surely proud of you!
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Working your magic again! Congrats on finding a good place for another feral!
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Oh that is such wonderful news! I am so happy!


You are doing such a wonderful job Laurie!
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Laurie, that is wonderful news!! What a great job you've done working to find homes for the kitties!!
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Hooray for Magic!! I was actually just thinking about him and was going to ask you about him. I'm so glad he's going to be in a special forever home that will give him all the love he deserves.

I don't know what to tell you about Tuxedo. Sometimes those special bonds are tough to break.
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Has the lady picked up Magic yet? I can't wait to hear how the adoption goes.

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Yay for Magic! Hope it all goes well for him!

Thanks for the update on Munchkin/Annie.
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Woooooooooooooohoooooooooooo! I am so happy for Magic!
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That is great news!!! I am so glad to hear you found a home for Magic!!!
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