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Anyone have the newest issue of Cat Fancy Magazine?

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Anne and I are getting new listers on Meowhoo that say they found us in Cat Fancy? As far as we know, we aren't in that magazine...yet! Could someone who gets it look and see if they can find Meowhoo.com mentioned anywhere? And if you do would you email me as to where it is mentioned?

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It could be "A cat fancy" like an association.... hehehe I've snuk Meowhoo as a link on all the site I design :tounge2:
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Mary Anne, I don't get the magazine, but I sure hope it's true!

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I looked through my Feb and March, and didn't see anything. Where is it supposed to be?
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It's on Page 9, right near the top of the "In the Mews" column. Noticed it this afternoon when I was reading through the issue.

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Could you share what it says please? I won't be able to get it until tomorrow and I am dying to know what it says???
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From this month's Cat Fancy:

"Log on, Cat Lovers"

Having met on the internet, business partners Anne Moss, a cat behaviorist from Israel, and Mary Anne Miller, a cat rescuer from Oregon, launched Meowhoo.com last October with just over 100 listings of businesses, web sites, and resources for cat guardians. Within one month, the listing grew to 1,625 links to purchase pet supplies, access veterinarians with health questions, obtain behavior and training assistance, read care and grooming tips, reach breeders, buy cat furniture and cat-themed gifts and learn about grief management, rescue resources and specialized pet services.
At Meowhoo.com, each participating business/service is entitled to one free listing. Web surfers can also join the Meowhoo Club for free, entitling them to a monthly newsletter that includes exclusive offers on cat-related products, monthly contersts with prizes for cats and their owners, Internet freebies and the latest information about new products and services in the Meowhoo.com directory.
Meowhoo.com donates a portion of all profits to cat welfare.
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That is wonderful publicity!!!

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Wow! How exciting for both of you!!! And it's even FREE advertising!!
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Woohooo! I'm so excited! This was such a surprize - I know they are going to run the Phoenix story in April but I had no idea they were going to publich this! Thank you so much Laurie for helping us with the press release!!!
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Oh my gosh! I just ran to grab my copy to look at it... it came in the mail a few days ago and I haven't had time to sit and read through it! Wow! That is so great!!
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Congrats! That is so awesome! Now I have to pick up the new Cat Fancy!
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Yes Laurie- THANK YOU for all your wonderful work on our Press Release!!!! You certainly got their attention!
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Congrats!!! I found my Cat Fancy magazines for January and March, but not for February...I'll have to hunt around for it so I can read the actual article. Thats so cool!!!!
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Spooky - it's actually in the April 2003 issue.
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WOW!!!!!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!! And thank you Mom of 10 cats for posting it for us to read here!! I really want to subscribe to this magazine so badly, but right now money is tight so I will have to wait.
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