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Can Someone Please Help Me?

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I have a 5 yr. old boy in love with a cat. It's out of the question to let him be an indoor cat because of alergies in the family. I would like to alow my boy to keep the beautiful creature but we have problems with the neighbors flower gardens getting pooped in. How can I solve this problem? Will he have to wait till he's grown and out of the house to have a cat? I need practical advice that could alow us to keep the cat and also keep him from doing his business in my neghbors place. Also is there such a thing as a breed that does not shed hair?
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If you can not keep a cat inside your house. Then a cat really isn't the pet for your family.Cats really should be inside for there own safety..
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It may be possible for you to have an indoor cat, have you looked into alergy shots?
If not that might be a viable option. Also if the alergies are not too severe your son could live quite well in a house with a cat, My brother has alergies to cats and we have always had cats he dosn't suffer. We just keep the cat out of his bedroom.

Also Cats normally live longer if they are compleetly indoor animals. Entertainment such as toys, cat trees and watching the birds outside occupy their time along with the 18 hours of sleep they generally get per day.
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There's plenty of ways to help reduce the allergens. Bathe your cat weekly, and wipe him down daily with a wet cloth. This reduces the dander and the allergens deposited on the fur by grooming. Invest in a hepa filter for your furnace, or at least, a room sized hepa filter air purifier for your son's bedroom. Vacuum daily (preferably with a hepa filter vacuum) to reduce the dander in the environment. Keep your son's bedroom door closed and off limits to your cat. Talk to your doctor about allergy shots or

I'm allergic to my cats. I just use my albuterol inhaler when I get wheezy. This works for me, but my allergies are extremely mild.

There's no way to prevent the cat from using the garden as a litterbox. The only way to prevent that, would be to keep the cat as inside only. Honestly, I believe all cats should be inside only. There's far too many dangers outside for cats.
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My first question would be about the allergies in the family. Sometimes people only think they are allergic to cats or a doctor has told them that in the past but it was only a guess and turns out not to be true. (I've seen this happen several times.)

I'm allergic to cats and live with them - I'm careful and wash my hands a lot, so sometimes that can even be done. I'm also allergic to every tree in North America except red maple so what's the big deal with three cats?

There are enclosures you can buy to close in your back yard to keep kitty from roaming. Other than that or keeping kitty indoors, you can't keep the cat from pooping in the neighbor's yards, and unfortunately some people are ugly about it.

Hope you find a solution so your son can keep his sweet cat.
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There are a few breeds that shed less (rexes) and the hairless sphynx - but all these cats would HAVE to be indoor only.

You can build/but a cat enclosure for your backyard. IMO a cat should be more indoor then out, so it might be better to just wait till you have your own place.
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I understand your concern for their safety but all the cats I had growing up could hold their own very well. They were great on the farm keeping the the mice, mole, and gopher populations in check. They were stricktly outdoor cats and could give any challenging animal a desire not to have met them at all. Our dogs of course never bothered them they were in it together. Anyway I guess I am completely off the subject. All I want to know is practical advice as to keeping him (cat) from doodooing in the neighbors flowers. The allergies are my wife's. I thank the sugjestion about the enclosure, in escence this means a cage. I'm not comfortable with that though. I thank you for your input. If there are any sugjestions as to keep the cat from messing the neghbors flowerbed I would apreciate that.
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats View Post
If you can not keep a cat inside your house. Then a cat really isn't the pet for your family.Cats really should be inside for there own safety..
I'm new to forums the last post "I had cats on the farm growing up." was for you
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You know, I happened to see a gardening show that said you can put down chicken wire in the mulch or other substrate you're using. It can deter cats because it will be uncomfortable when they try to scratch in the dirt. That would do it alone but if you felt up to it, you could make your own little garden for the cat to use.

Another idea is the outdoor cat enclosure. These can be made or purchased. But if the cat isn't ever going to come inside nor leave the enclosure, you'll want a big one.
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Perhaps make an area in your yard that is more attractive to your cat than your neighbor's flower bed? What does he use in his bed and can you improve on that in your own flower bed? I know my feral cats love to poop in 2 places outside: the mulch in the gardens and a pile of sand that the previous owner left for us. If you don't mind cleaning out your own yard, then this might be an option for you.

When folks refer to an outdoor enclosure, I believe that they are talking about a HUGE one, not a simple cage.
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we live in oregon as well. not all enclosures are small cages ours is 35'x18'x8'

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Another Oregonian here There is also a Cat Fence that is available for purchase. If you google "cat fence" it should come up. This way you could fence off part or all of your yard and hopefully she cannot go into the neighbor's yard. Other than some type of containment for the kitty, I don't really see a way to keep her out.
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
we live in oregon as well. not all enclosures are small cages ours is 35'x18'x8'

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This post has been bothering since I read it earlier today. I do allow my cats outside under supervision during the day with me.But to go and buy a kitten/cat for a 5 year old knowing it can never come inside due to some one being allergic to cats just doesn't seem right. Pets can be a wonderfull addition to the family and many 5 year olds would love to have a cat. But your saying your going to get a cat put it outside during all kinds of weather and try to keep it from going to the bathroom in your neighbors yard. This just seems cruel. Cats are prey to many animals dogs,foxes,raccoons,coyotes ect. Plus the danger of being run over by traffic. Diseases picked up from living outside. Most outside cats live a short life due to this not all but most.
Why not get a pet that can be kept inside. gerbil, hamster?
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Didn't the OP say that the cat was already hanging around outdoors? So it is already there and already living outside.
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Is there any chance that you aren't dealing with a true allergy to cats? I react the things the dogs bring in with them. I reacted to our new kittens, but no problems since I gave them a bath - well, I do have some swelling from the cat scratches, but it goes away quickly.

It would be worth it to check with an allergist to see if there are any options.
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Cat allergies are very common. There are things you can do for allergies. There is a product in the pet stores for allergies. It is a liquid and you put it on a cloth and rub your cat down with it once a week. It really works well but I can't remember what it is called. It does have allergy in the name though, so it would be easy to find. I've seen it at petsmart and petco. Other things are don't let the cat sleep with your child, vacuum often, get an air purifier and another option that really helps is bathing the cat every couple weeks or so. The thing is, even if the cat is outdoor it is probably going to come inside sometimes and so you're still going to have to deal with it to some extent. Just something to think about. I have severe asthma and allergies and my doctor cringes at me having two persian cats. She keeps telling me to rehome the cats and get a small poodle (she says poodles are hypoallergenic). But I manage it and the only time I have a lot of trouble is in the spring and fall. But that is because of other added environmental things those times of the year.
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
Didn't the OP say that the cat was already hanging around outdoors? So it is already there and already living outside.

He asked if theres a breed that doesn't shed so much.So I am thinking not..
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I agree with everyone else Kitties need to be strictly inside. I have also grown up around many cats that were outside 'barn' cats. They all seemed to do well on their own UNTIL, a coyote comes or they get hit by a car or they simply get shot by the neighbors. But they appear to do fine? The health of them never seems quite well either they were usually skinny, had infected wounds from "defending" themselves, runny noses, fleas, ticks, heat stroke, hypothermia, respitory illnesses from severe weather conditions. This just dont sound like adequate happy conditions for a critter that is supposed to be loved. Besides even if this were acceptable for a farm cat it does not sound like you live on a farm if you have neighbors that are close enough for you to be concerned about . I would be concerned about the kitty getting hit by a car or even being traumatized the neighborhood kids or teenagers that dont like cats.
You say that the allergies are your wife's and if you want so much for your son to keep this cat why cant you make the kittys room a habitat that is sustaining for his happiness in your sons room since he is the one who wants the kitty. Use some of the precautions the other users have advised on keeping the dander down.

Its worth a try to keep this little guy safe from the outdoor challenges and keep your son as happy as he can be?

By the way the enclosure that is pictures is an awesome idea too it doesnt have to be as big for just on cat if finances are not readily available but is definately a great idea... it is not a cage it is like a screened in addition
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If you find a way to keep the cat from pooping in the nieghbors flower beds, let me know! I've got 8 (spayed & neutered) farm cats. Most have always lived outside & it is all they know. Anyways, I digress. I've had absolutely NO luck in keeping them from pooping in the flower beds. I tried cat repellants, various types of wire(including chicken wire), I've tried everything I can think of. They still poop in the flower beds. It's natural for them to do so.
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it is expensive but you can purchase a scarecrow from contech. it is a motion detector cat deterrent. you can find it online.
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