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will you speak for those who cannot?

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We visit Petaluma frequently via RV. Until this ordinance changes, we will not be returning, and we will advise our traveling friends to find another place to stay.

1) Cats are opportunistic feeders, and if fed they do not threaten the environment in which they live.
2) Aggressive data on cat predation of birds has proven to be inaccurate.
3) It has been proven in many communities and areas around the world that trap-and-kill does not work, and that the only effective method of feral cat control is to stabilize the population by TNR, which has also proven to be the most cost effective method of control.

Substantial research based on experiences around the country now exists to support these statements and this position. Petaluma's problem appears to be one of lack of education and research. Of course, people are always the problem - that's why the feral cats are there now. Had the community required spay and neuter of companion animals of their guardians - and provided subsidies and education to begin with, Petaluma would not be facing the problem it is. Now that the problem is there, the answer is not to kill the animals. The vacuum effect has been well documented. The cats will come. Apart from being cruel - it won't work in the long run and is money ill-spent.

This is what I wrote when I signed the petition.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention MA.

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Signed it - thanks for the link!
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Oh my goodness that story of a little tabby is just heartbreaking. I can't imagine how utterly devastated I would be if somebody did that to my colony.

For the sake of the feral cats and their caregivers I hope that backwards ordinance gets changed.
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I wrote a salvo me too: "A killing of living creatures is always no good, although sometimes it may be the least evil. But killing off homeless and feral cats when there ARE good alternatives, TNR, (preferably in combination with adopting) - is barbaric. Work against abandoning cats instead!!! THIS is a horrible crime seldom punished by auctorities in charge. Spaying/neutering of all cats not used for pedigree is also highly useful here.
The Bible teach us to look after the lost sheep, also to welcome back the lost son. To help also our smallest brethren. Yes: Helping the smallest is the judgment of whom we are. But the City Fathers of Petulama seems to think killing of these lost brethrens is the best way of doing utmost of their time here on Earth. Please God, let them awake, let them save their own immortal souls!"
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We all know how we can help the feral cats, TNR, that's a no brainer mabye with enough posts they will realize.

Whats also shocking is about the killing of honeybee hives. I dont know if anyone you know sells honey, but thousands of honeybee hives are dying off from I think some type of fatal virus, I saw a special on it. You wouldnt want them killing off any more of them, then we would have no more fruit or anything bees pollinate.
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