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Will my cat's behavior change?

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I've had my cat since she was a kitten, she is three now. I previously lived with another person so she was used to having someone around pretty much all the time. 6 months ago I moved and my work schedule increased so now she spends a lot of time alone and I hate it.

In 6 months I am moving in with someone that has two cats and I'm afraid of a couple things. The main thing I'm afraid of is that I am causing her emotional stress by leaving her alone for most of day, sometimes I'm only home for an hour a day. She almost never spends a whole day alone and I'm usually home atleast 3 days weeks minus the 8 hours I'm at work.

Am I being cruel to her? Does anyone have any advice how to make the next 6 months as stress free for her as possible?
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I'm kind of in a similar situation... I'm getting a roomate in about 6 months who is going to have an older cat.. I have two kittens now (6months old) who I'm fostering and will adopt one of them... I too am gone a lot of the day w/ work... and next year I'll have a crazy schedule and that's why I really don't think I can keep both (as much as I want to)..plus my roomate will already have another cat to keep my one kitty company...

What you could consider doing, is kind of what I'm doing (although I just ended up in this situation) is fostering a cat/kitten... there are many rescues that are looking for foster homes and be up front and say that you only will be able to keep them for 6months.. and this way your cat will have some company and you'll be helping out the rescue and another needy kitty!!
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The straight answer is yes, her behavior will change. It would be best for her to be with another female cat while you are away. It really is bad to be away from your cat for that long. Maybe there is some way you could spend more time with her. Let her sleep with you at night. Make sure she has plenty of toys. It might be a good idea during the day when you're at work to have someone just come in for a little while and check on her and the others just to make sure they're okay. When she is first introduced to the other two cats, do not leave them alone during the first day or two. It is crucial that they get off to the right start because there could be big problems down the road. pm me with any questions.
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