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I really shouldn't open up this can of worms again, but what the heck. Guess these losers who were responsible for getting Tatiana killed, are NOT the poor little innocent boys the media and their lawyer tried to make them out to be.
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Wow, they seem to be quite the criminals. Why am I not surprised
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I'm sure he'll "meet" a few tiger lovers when he spends his time in the San Quentin correctional facility.
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The first thing that went through my mind when this all started was they were taunting the tiger. It is such a sad sad tragedy that a beautiful animal was shot because of the actions of these young adults. Their actions are what caused the tiger to attack and kill, and they should have been charged for it.

I believe in Karma.
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They had a police record before they bothered that Tiger. I hope they throw the book at them. I still belive they set her off and are lying. I hope he gets more time in jail. They have the nerve to sue the Zoo and San Francisco and they are scu bags.
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Well, the reckless driving at 140mph kind of did it for me. That's all I needed to know.

Have these boys had a psych evaluation? It sounds like someone would love to commit suicide in a very fancy way.
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I guess this comes as no suprise to those who know animals & especially cats. A well fed, well treated animal will not leave it's "territory" for no reason. Unfortunately we all know the lawyers will not allow any of this in court.
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I always thought this story was fishy and I always felt sorry for the poor tiger.
I don't blame the zoo if they are making sure the record is set straight about who these people really are.
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I always felt sorry for the tiger too. A tiger is one of the most beautiful animals on the face of the earth.
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