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Anyone ever go to a Bad Vet

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When we had only lived here 6 Months Coco got very Sick with her Asthma and a Bad Cold. It was right before Christmas 2005. We called vets and al werebooked up. Then we call one I saw and they said they would take her right of way. We went and they said leave her. Then she calls and tells me its Cancer and she dosent have long. She also tells me her Heart dosent look right. We go to the Vet I go to now for a 2nd Opinion. He says its Asthma and said I can have her heart checked if i want but it dosent look bad. We get the Echo done and its fine. It turns out the other place is terrible and they use dirty Needles and everything. I wish I had never gone there. This other vet has been closed down too. The Vet I use know is the number 1 Vet here and alot of people go to them for 2nd opinions.
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We had two bad vets - they weren't horrible, just not thorough - but they almost killed two of our cats.

When Tuxie was first ill, the vet suspected it was leukemia, and put him on leukeran (chemotherapy) before getting biopsies done and test results back. That almost killed him, because as it turned out, he had an autoimmune disease, NOT cancer - and the drug for cancer made his body stop doing the things it needed to to fight the autoimmune disease. And I mean almost killed him to the point that he needed a blood transfusion to survive.

When Flowerbelle was finally sent home from almost a month in the hospital after she was first rescued (she was in really bad shape), she had a bad cough. She wasn't responding to the antibiotics, her eye wasn't healing - she was still a mess. That's when we found the #1 vet in the area. Her cough was NOT from an upper respiratory - it was from lung worm - something that had not been seen in this county in at least 20 years. She was so infested, the new vet said she was at most a few days away from "drowning" in them. We were SO pissed at the old vet - we'd been heavily involved in cat rescue for over a year at that point, and that he could send a cat home with us without having done that final fecal check - well - we were mad at ourselves for not double-checking him, but it is something we'd come to expect, because ALL the animals we brought in there were feral. The new vet said he'd never seen a fecal smear that packed with parasites, ever, in his 20 years of practice. He was so crazy about the whole thing, he made all the other vets and the techs come look at the microscope! He couldn't believe it. It took him some research to figure out what type of parasite it was, because he'd never seen it before. But that's the kind of guy he is - he will always do the research.

That's why when people post here and things look serious - or their cat is not getting better - or the cat keeps peeing outside the box despite a "no UTI" problem - I always recommend seeing another vet. Even the #1 vet can make mistakes, and it is always a good idea to get a second opinion if it's a serious disease diagnosis or kitty isn't getting better.

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When Coco was 9.5 years old she got very sick and we went to the Er and they did alot of tests and evn thought it was Diebetis. They also talked about having her Pts. They said Guarded or Poor. We took her to our Vet after and he found what Coco had. It was Fia. She almost needed Blood and lucy died 3 weeks before Coco got sick from the same thing. We had all my other Cats tested and all were fine. Coco is now almost 16. I amglad your Cats didnt die. i go to Uc Davis for 2nd Opinions if I need too.
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i had a ferret who i got as a baby and we took him to the only vet in the area who claimed to treat ferrets, i took him to get his first shots and the vet tried to give him a shot with a needle that was so big it didnt even want to go thru the skin she tried like 3 times to poke him with it he was crying and i got mad and told her to use a different needle she said it was the only size they had and that he just had tough skin and forced the needle thru. that evening his neck swelled up to about the size of a kiwi fruit and was hard and sore, i called the vet and she told me it was normal. i then called my normal vet who i took my dogs and cats to for years and explained i thought she was cruel. he said that he normally did not take care of exotic pets but he knew they got treated the same as kittens and in light of his mistreatment that he would take him in. I took him in the next day he showed me how to massage the place on his neck to make it go away and when it was time for his second shots, the good vet used a very very tiny needle (as small as an insulin needle) and it went right in and Fessy didnt even flinch.
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I won't go into all the details, but we have gone to a bad vet and changed vets because Scully was not getting the treatment he needed (or any treatment for that matter) at the one we were going to.

They are not a bad clinic for shots and things, it is clean etc. But for a sick cat they are next to useless and mine are much happier with the new vet.
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