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Tail of two Kitties

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One of my favorite books. But this tale of tails is different.

When Alley came to live with Persi, Persi went insane over Alley's tail, which twitches a lot for no apparant reason. Or maybe the reason was just to drive Persi crazy, which it certainly did. Persi would constantly sneak up on Alley and bite her tail.Finally, Alley started responding by giving Persi a good sharp bite on his ear. Persi soon learned that Alley's tail was off limits although they play a lot together all the time.

Now with our new little kitty, she has taken a fascination with Persi's tail, which looks like a giant osterich feather to her, I am sure. She jumps on Persi from everywhere and always goes right for his tail and give it a good bite with those sharp little teeth of hers. This has been going on for a week now and last night Persi got tired of it. I guess he forgot how he always bothered Alley the same way when he was just a kitten. And Persi is so layed back I never thought he would hurt the little kitten but now I am not so sure. He seems to be getting more and more annoyed with this as he evidently has never heard the addage "turn about is fair play."

Shelby has free run of the house now and I cannot watch them every minute. Persi has been such a great mentor for Shelby I cannot imagine him hurting her but I worry about him just saying one day that enough is enough.

Any similar experiences out there?
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Cats can take care of themselves. When the cat being bothered has had enough, she'll let the botherer know it. Cats aren't stupid; he'll get the message. I say just sit back and let them work it out between themselves. As you say, you can't watch them every moment, and if you make yourself the person responsible for them getting along, that's what you'll have to do.
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If he's normally gentle, his behavior isn't likely to drastically change overnight (unless he's feeling unwell). He has cat manners and needs to teach them to Shelby, too. It's an important lesson for cats.

As Shelby gets older she'll lose her fascination with his tail, it's just part of being a kitten.
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