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WOW am I having a Great Day!

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First of all, let me say AGAIN to all,


Gary had SUCH a surprise for me, I can't believe it! I needed to head out to the supermarket, but he insisted on going with me. He's been such a good boy about not being on the phone and staying (mostly) in bed because of his pneumonia, but it has been about a week, and I figured he deserved to get out. So I let him drive - and he went the wrong way. He wouldn't tell me where we were going - it was to Bed, Bath & Beyond! He's been saving up money without telling me, and we bought a new set of REALLY fluffy wonderful towels and a down pillow-top for
the bed!!!!!

What a great valentine's day!!!!!

I'm so lucky. I thought ESPECIALLY today, it would be nice to share something so wonderful with all my TCS friends!

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Aww Laurie, that was so sweet of him! Awwwwwwwwwww my heart is melting!
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That is so sweet! I hope you two can actually use the pillow without having to kick kitties off of it! LOL
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Funny you mention that, Heidi... We barely got the new pillow top out of the plastic thing it comes in when Lazlo bounded onto the bed. He looked so funny taking those steps where he picks his legs up SO HIGH because it's sooooo fluffy. The pillowtop thingy is all lumped up in the middle of the bed because we got a hypoallergenic cover for it and have to shove the thing in there before we start making the bed - (the pillow top is like a down comforter made to go under the bottom sheet and kind of gives our hard bed [Gary's back] a little layer of soft) and Lazlo just plops down in the middle of the pile. He looked so comfy! We're trying to chase him off, and Shelly decides to join in the very new version of "Let's Make the Bed." But THIS version of a favorite game is SOOOOOO fun, because it's sooooo fluffy! Shelly LOVES diving into all the folds, diving underneath.... Spooky, true to her name, ran to hide in her hidey spot. But now making the bed is just that much harder, and we really had trouble shoving that thing into it's cover with the cats seemingly everywhere! LOL!

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Oh, Gary is so sweeeeet!!!! And don't forget to get a picture of Lazlo in the middle of the new pillow and post it here!
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Tell that man of yours that we all think he is the sweetest! What a wonderful suprise.
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That was so sweet of him!!!!!!!!
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