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Do you consider yourself lucky?

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I think I am. I find four-leaf clovers all the time. People ask me how and I say that they just look up and smile at me.
I win contests all the time.
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I always tell John he leads a VERY charmed life, everything always seems to go his way and he's always winning things. He rarely ever has a bad day.

Me on the other hand, I'm the very opposite of lucky. Seems like something is almost always going wrong for me, even if it's just little things.
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Nope. Basically, I'm a **** magnet. I seem to have my own personal little black cloud, that follows me everywhere. And in relationships, I'm a psycho magnet.
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I believe we make our own luck, and so far I've sucked at it
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I'm very lucky. I should probably have been dead a dozen times over by now and yet, here I am!
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Not lucky but I am blessed
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It depends what you consider lucky. I'm lucky in the fact that I have a loving family and I'm somewhat healthy. As far as things falling perfectly into place and good things coming my way I have the worst luck in the world.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I believe we make our own luck, and so far I've sucked at it

I have 3 black cats, so what does that tell you!

Seriously, I don't believe in all that bad luck black cat jazz..

What's that old saying about if it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all?! That's me..

I never win anything, my luck sucks: but I do believe I've been blessed several times..

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As far as four-leaf-clovers, for me, it has nothing to do with luck. I am good at picking out patterns (like puzzle pieces) so I generally find tons of four-leaf-clovers.

In the luck department, I don't really believe in luck. My life is guided a certain way and I am very blessed. I don't generally win much, but I never lack for anything that I truly need.
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"Lucky" as in winning contests and such? Nope.

But I'm blessed many times over.
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No. I am probably the most unlucky person that I have ever encountered.

Every single thing that I buy that is electric encounters problems either immediately, shortly after purchase or right after the warranty runs out. I mean every single thing that is electric!

If there is something in a football size area to trip over, it's sure to be in my path.

I don't go into small crowded stores that sell lots of glass because I'm sure to stumble or bump into something and break it.

Getting me to navigate is sure to get you lost, even with a map.

I entered some graphic contests lately. One of them had only 5 people enter. I submitted 4 entries. I still didn't win. Of course the person who did win was a professional graphic designer who submitted a single entry while the rest of us were hobbiest/amateurs, but still.... talk about unlucky!
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Luck has very rarely, if ever, played into my life. I have worked hard for everything I have. Sometimes the choices I make mean the outcome isn't the best, but luck had nothing to do it.

If you're counting "dumb luck" (i.e. winning stuff by mere chance), I am SOL on that kind of luck! My husband, on the other hand, has dumb luck out the wazoo. He actually, honest to goodness won that 2 minute all-you-can-grab shopping spree at Toys R Us (when we were both heavy into collecting toys - Star Wars figures for him, Barbies and Beanie Babies for me) just because he happened to walk into the store as the millionth customer. I've been planning that shopping spree since I was like 8 years old! But NNNOOOOO! I wasn't there, he freaked out because he hadn't planned it and wasn't expected it (we've mainly gotten over that idea), and he came away with (sit down for this....) a Playstation (this was way back when the Playstation 1 was the best thing out there!), ONE game, and ONE Star Wars figure. No swiping the shelves, no grabbing everything he could...he actually looked for things HE wanted. Well, he did go to the Barbies section, but I had the only collectible one they had...still she was a $250 doll - he should have grabbed her! But no, no such dumb luck for me.
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NOOOO! Not lucky the least bit!!

DH always says we have a little black cloud above our heads
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Yup, I'm lucky and I have Parking Space Karma. I always find a space right in front of where I/we are going; my husband the scientist can't explain it but always shakes his head in disbelief at my parking space luck every single time.
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luck is just putting yourself in the right spot at the right time.

that being said, i did win just enough on the lottery once to pay off my house so that part was luck i guess.

I have had a chance to travel alot, and live in other countries. Is that luck? for me i loved it, But i put myself in spots where i could do that. I know some people who would hate overseas travel.
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I have plenty of luck.

About half of it is bad, but that's all right, right?
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In a way, yes I do consider myself lucky. My mom has called it always landing on my feet

I won a trip to Europe in College for getting the most folks to sign up for the foreign lanugage studies program I'd gone to France on - hadn't done a thing but post some posters with the request more info slips(didn't take the trip..long story, gave it to the next person in line), went to nursing school solely with the intent to work in l&d and there was a hiring freeze at the hospital I wanted to work at. Spent a year on a med/surg floor at another hospital I didn't want to be at, met a nurse I became friends with who, as it turns out, her aunt was the head nurse for the l&d unit at the hospital I wanted to be at. I got called late one evening by HR to come in and interview (now really, how many times do they call at 9 at night??) I have no clue if a word was put in for me or not, but I consider that lucky.

I griped, b*tched and moaned, felt sorry for myself for mistakes made, and not finding the man I could spend the rest of my life with, and he grew up and came into my life..just later in my life

Once we married, we've had some real struggles, things do go wrong, but we always, always find a silver lining. Many seeming cat disasters would become yet another in our now famous habit of causing our vet to say "I've never seen that in a cat before", bone tumors that turn out to not be cancer(this after several consults and all agreeing it must be cancer), a breast tumor when over 85% of these in cats are cancerous turns out to be benign and fluid filled etc.

Things still happen (haven't found the upside of my knee injury and discovery of arthritis yet, and my cats don't always beat the odds of course), but I feel "lucky" in many ways, and consider myself one lucky person for the friends I've had/have, my husband, my exceptionally wonderful cats, my business.
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