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She's off her food...

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Sibohan has always been a picky eater, It took me sveral months to ind her a food she liked whe I got her and she has been on that for 6 years. Now all of a sudden she's not touching it.
On Christmas day I notices her food from Chistmas eve was still there so I disposed of it, Christmas day I gave her some more and she still didn't eat it. So I figured the can of wet food might have turned so I trashed it and gave her a new can of food. The first helping she ate, the second she ate a bit and the third she didn't even touch.
I was beginging to think that she's being picky because I was off work for the holidays and it's the best way to get some "Meowmy Sympathy" but now i'm not so sure.... any Ideas would be appreciated.

Oh I feed her Preformatrin which is a food supplied by "Pet Value" stores here in Ontario
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what is avail to you?/
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Mostly crap brands...
I think I can possibly get Science Diet, but Envo is out of the question it's a 2 hour drive to find somplace that carries it.
Preformatrin at the time was the best nutritionally that I could find for her.
Is there somthing in particular I should look for brand wise? I am planning on Food shopping this evening since I am only getting her to eat some dry at this point.
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Can you get Natures Best Science Diet. I use that.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Can you get Natures Best Science Diet. I use that.
I'll have to look for that, Is it commonly available?
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does the perfomation come in other flavors ???

natures best is not evan on my decent list as it is mostly grain
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Preformatrin has several different flavors yes, Whitefish is her favorite so I opened a can just the other day and she turened up her nose at it.

I am looking for somthing with at least 30% protine and the first word in the ingredients list should not be BI-PRODUCT, MEAL or CORN
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ohh... I just found this

Since she has already a high protine dry food this looks liks a good option and it's available locally.... What do you think?
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that looks good.. yeah I have yet to figure out meal in a wet food
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I'll let you know if she likes it i'm going to go get a can to see if she likes it. It looks like a low/no grain food and she is a sucker for fish. Somtimes I just need somone to bounce ideas off off... thanks!
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