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Spay / Vet question

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I took in a starving stray a few months back. She's very sweet, but she went into heat over the weekend. I was waiting until after the holidays to spay her. The last time I had a kitty spayed was years ago, at that time my vet did a whole blood workup series on her before her surgery. She was not sick at the time, just brought in to be spayed. My question is, Is the blood work really necessary before the surgery? It ended up costing me almost 400.00 for my first kitty, and I really cant afford that amount, but I need to get this new kitty spayed. Anybody have an opinion about my vet doing this blood work? Is that normal?

Thanks in advance!!
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First off, thank you for taking care of this stray cat and for doing the responsible thing by having her spayed!

I don't know that the blood work is "necessary" per se, but I think it makes a lot of sense, particularly in this case where you don't know this cat's history. From what I understand, it's commonplace for most vets to recommend it anytime surgery is involved, and for legal reasons you may be required to sign a waiver if you decline.

Among other things, the vet wants to verify that liver and kidney function is normal. These organs are primarily responsible for breaking down and eliminating the anesthetics. If they don't function properly, the risk of complications from administering anesthesia would be greater. The blood work results would enable the vet to modify the type of anesthetic given, if necessary.
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Chloe is being spayed next month and the low-cost spay/neuter clinic does them for $45 (males for $28). I'm not sure how much my vet will charge but I'm guessing it will be closer to $150? I don't know, I'd rather go to the low-cost place.

I'm sure there are low-cost spay/neuter clinics near you, do a google search for them to see. You should be able to get her spayed for not that much $ at all. My vet does a first time cat check for free, then the combo check for Feluk/Aids is about $36 (a blood test). I honestly have no idea about pre-spay bloodwork, so I don't know what to say there.

Thank you for taking this girl in and having her spayed. The world needs more people like you.
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try this link it has many others in it that may help

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I truly believe that pre-op blood work should definitely be done! My vet discovered that Cleo had renal failure when she did her pre-op bloodwork at 6 months old. She was able to use a kidney friendly anesthetic for the surgery. Cleo is 7 1/2 years old now, and positively thriving with treatment. If the bloodwork hadn't been done, Cleo probably would not be here now.
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Thanks everyone for the info!! I did some research and called a few vets in my area. There are no low -cost clinics within 100 miles of my location. So I called a couple of other vets in my area. The $400.00 I paid last time for a spay was way high according to 2 other vets I called. I will be taking our kitty in tomorrow morning to be spayed, blood work, rabies shot and distemper shot for $185.00. They have been in business for 20 years....I guess I just found a new vet!!! Our little stray will be happy and healthier very soon!!

Thanks again!
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This is fantastic!! Please do let us know how it goes and of cours, we want photos of this lady
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Hi Deb
I see you're from Michigan too! I'm in the Tri-City area....where are you?
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