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zvirka our little white monster

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so , this is our first time in this forum . 7 months ago she came to our lifes . since then we become a familly . we , zvirka and 2 of our little angels -goldian finches . still we are missing a dog and mouse and it s gonna look like some cartoon around her .
she is a mixed breed but we don t care she is perfect .
the thing that we really want to know is what is she . got some idea .

and this is her big brother SVEN :

sid , goga & zvirka
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OH HOW SWEET! What a great shot. That's a "Must Frame" IMO.

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we had cats before but separetly . so this is our first baby together . she had ragdoll and me norwegian forest cat but zvirka beat them all . she is a princess . she is now 8 months old and ...
we comunicate - you can say she is a big talker . all day long ????
so after few months we finaly understud each other .
after we got her we started to read alot about cats and, then we started to question our self what kind of cat is she .
it is a puzzle .
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Oh he is GORGEOUS! He looks like my Kahu, only Kahu has blue eyes!
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What beautiful white cats!!! A BIG welcome to you and your cats. This is a great place to talk about our furry friends, and especially to learn more about them.
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They are both beautiful. I have a black cat with fur like Zvirka's, I just assume she is a mixed breed. Welcome to TCS
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she suprised us a month ago . cats & snow

1 month ago we had 50 cm. of snow in one night . imagine what happend , our monster ( in a good way ) find a way out and she s gone crazy . she didn t care about paths that we build only thing she wanted was ½go in to deep snow ½ .. and after she was there in 5 minutes , miau , .pick me up . and here we go again .
check picture of that and 2 of our baby birds .they are also 8 months old . at first she was checking them out but now like i told you, happy familly .
we have a big terrace but we are affraid ( alot of birds are comming here- we feed them regulary ) for he . the thing is we don t want her to jump from the fifth floor . what to do ???? .keep her inside or to risk .
link :
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She is so beautiful! Your baby birds, too. You take good pictures. We beg for pictures shamelessly, so I am sure we will all be glad to have you. Welcome!
It may be a good idea to keep her in if you are going to be feeding the birds outside. It would be a shame for your beautiful cat to fall while chasing birds.
What kind of birds are yours? The are so beautifully colored. I have never seen any like them. I love birds, but my oldest cat cannot be trusted with them.
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Your cats are beautiful!
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Sid- I just followed your link to see the other pictures....Wow! What sweet faces! I have to ask you....is Bilbo baggins yours, too? Bilbo Baggins is also one of my favorite "Jarad" hits...
Haven't heard that name in awhile. (Grin)

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our nighbour that lives 1 floor down had a cat and she fall down and that is why we are affraid .
uou little birds are goldian finches ( from australia )
if you ever gonna have birds in you home , have them . for the first month they were quiet but after that they started to sing and they didn t stop , and it is low frequency of sound when you wake up too early you hear them , cant fall a sleep again .
we just started but we re gonna send more pictures

good night sid , goga .................
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few of friends created this page where sven and bilbo baggins is . he is not mine but ........

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Oh! What a beautiful little girl! :tounge2:
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You have very beautiful cats and finches!

Welcome to The Cat Site!
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the birds are lovely as well. I did not realize that finches could be so multicoloured.

FYI, I am of Croatian descent on my father's side.
His family came from Hvar, in Dalmatia. Unfortunately, we know virtually
nothing abt any family that may still be there, and at this point all of his generation here have passed on. (My father was the youngest of several children. He was born in the US but the others were not.)
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you have to come her , especially to hvar .it is so beautiful . you probably still have some family there , so come .gonna have nice time .
about birds : one day we went to buy a food for zvirka , so we entered the pet store . after buying we heard a low frequency singing and we wanted to see who is singing that beautiful . next you now we are living with food and birds .ther are diferent colors of finches but i think this one is no. 1
about zvirka & sven , do you have some idea what breed is she

can you tell me your expirience about the thing that she is talking all day long . dictionary maybe .
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Your cats are so beautiful!!!!! I love white cats!!!

I am so glad you have joined us here!!!
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