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I guess he wanted everyone to go home...

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Poor Scratch. My black shaggy cat doesn't really care for too many people. He's bonded with DH and I, and that's about it. This weekend we threw a birth day party for a very close friend of ours, and Scratch crashed the party... literally.

Let me set it up for you:
We have a coffee table where all of our friends had put there wine glasses, cake, ice cream, and other plates of food. As I was standing in the kitchen I heard an extended crash. Scratch, apparently, hopped on the table, panicked, and did a butt scoot across the whole thing. He knocked everything off. I then hear this:

"What the was that?"

"Can I have another piece of cake?"

I found him, terrified, in our back room... meeping.
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Oh, poor baby! I hope that your guests were understanding!
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Oh, poor baby! I hope that your guests were understanding!
They were just shocked that I had a 3rd cat. It's sort of a joke that I have three but when you come over you'll only see two.

His first public introduction didn't go as well as he had expected.
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You had me fooled. Before I started to read the posts I assumed based on the title alone that this would be about 8-Bit. Did he put Scratch up to this?
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Poor little Scratch. Is he doing better today? Not meeping too much, I hope.
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Aw! So little time, so many things to knock over.
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Aww... poor Scratch didn't expect to make such a loud entrance and scared himself. I swear, he and Wickett could have been separated at birth. Hope he's feeling better today.
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Poor Scratch - He just wanted to say hi and got scared

Good to see your friends obviously didn't mind too much - They still wanted cake!
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Aw poor baby! Not at all what he expected. Hope he's recovered from his fright!
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Scratch was probably thinking, "This stuff wasn't here before!" Awww, what a sweetie
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Poor kitty, I hope he's not hiding anymore, he just wanted to make a grand entrance
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Awww! Poor Scratch.
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Hey, did you ever read the "Cat Who" series? Koko (one of the cats in it) did the exact same thing once, except he did it because his owner was having a party and disturbing his bedtime routine

Only a cat!
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Aww, that poor baby!

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Awww, poor baby!

I am throwing a baby shower this weekend and am keeping Matilda & Chloe in a bedroom with the door shut (and water, litterbox, toys, etc.). I just know that Chloe will try to eat everyone's food.
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awww poor little guy i bet he startled himself more than the guests...i hope he got lots of cuddles afterwards even though he did "bad" lol
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Poor Scratch! He just wanted to finally make a public appearance, but it didn't work out like he hoped for. I hope he is feeling better today.
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