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Daily Thread Wed Jan 2nd!

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Good Morning folks!

Back to work I go I go! Back to work I go Oh well, at least its a short week right?

I am going to go to my sisters after work today because my mom is still visiting until the weekend Not much other than that going on..

I hope you all have a good one!
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good afternoon all! i've gotta go pet shopping today hehe, must go & buy a few things for my new arrival kitty tomorrow! am so excited now, i probably wont put her down
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back to work for me too.

I wouldn't mind too much if only there actually was work for me to do. But a whole day of staring blankly at my computer doesn't excite me at all.

After work, I really need to get some groceries. I was so out of food last night that for my snack I was eating a handful of shredded coconuts. My dinner was some bean salad and some instant rice with soy sauce.

So that's the plan for today.
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Morning everyone I'm on the train home back from Gils and i can't wait to see the babies again

I don't go back to work until the 7th, so i have a few days with them before i go back
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back to work for me too....although my sore throat escalated to a severe cold. So its sore, I'm coughing, sneezing, and congested.

I need more medicines to help treat the symptoms..I have plenty of Vitamin C though
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Morning All!

It is back to work for me as well today......oh joy.

Still not feeling all that great although I am slowly getting better I guess.

Very cold day here, -20C this morning and not looking forward to venturing out in that.

The kitties are good, chasing each other around the house right now.

Everyone have a good day
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My week is shorter I go back to work tomorrow
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Ugh back to work
It decided to snow this morning just to top it off...
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Morning to all my friends!

Feliz año nuevo para todos uds! ( happy new year! )

Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Oh well, at least its a short week right?
......I hope soon arrive again the weekend!....

Well, happy new week from a new year to all of you my dear friends!
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Afternoon everyone! DH & Mom finally went back to work. Time for me to unwind and get some cleaning done.

It's very windy out today and temps are in the 20's. Feels like winter is here finally.
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Well the day started well.....
Neil had the alarm set for 4 am as he had to take inventory at his plant so I fell back to sleep until 7 am!! He emailed me and said he is still cold though as he was in their warehouse.

Put away some laundry and went through my sock drawer and tossed a bunch of socks.

Started gathering the Christmas stuff to put away but when I was in the family room I stepped on a cat toy and wrenched my ankle-grrrrrr.

So I can hardly put any weight on it. I then hobbled upstairs and saw the garbage bag wasn't next to the full garbage can so I hobbled outside and one of my neighbor's dogs must have smelled the leftover ham bits inside and ripped open the bag. Double grrrrr....
So I hope her dog doesn't come back until the garbage get picked up which will be late.

So I am sitting with ankle up in air (no ice as there is no swelling). There goes my day!!
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Poor Gail...

Staying in as it is cold!!! Need to do some grocery shopping, too, but think we can hold out until Friday.

Also - just got word that my cousin's daughter found her husband in bed - dead. Only 31. Not sure what he died of, yet.
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I am back to work today too. I have been off for 3 days and feeling sick for all of them. Today I feel sick and I have a headache on top of it.

It seems cold today. -10C but feels like -17C.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Also - just got word that my cousin's daughter found her husband in bed - dead. Only 31. Not sure what he died of, yet.
Oh my gosh Jan How is she holding up? I am so sorry
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Ooh it was cold out today!! Never got about 40º, and that's cold for Charleston, SC. It's supposed to get to 21º tonight - gotta pile on the blankets!

I had another day of work where I was done by 12. *Sigh* I managed to stay until 4:30 somehow. Then I cooked dinner for Rob & I - lemon herb chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and bruschetta for after dinner. I was going to make a honey mustard chicken, but Rob didn't like the spicy honey mustard we got from the store (he picked it out, so no blame can be put on me! )

I'm so incredibly tired though. We didn't get to bed until about 12:30am last night, then we couldn't fall asleep. Then Monte woke me up a ton of times during the night. Ugh. And I think we have to lock the cats down here with us today because there is chicken stuff in the trash can and he'll be into it in an instant!
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I was at the hospital for 12 hours today!!! My grandpa had his prostate cancer surgery and everything went well. He had his prostate removed because luckily it was contained in the prostate and hadn't spread!
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