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Daddy's Boys

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Last weekend, I captured my husband in one of those "priceless moments." So, my first instinct was to share it with my friends at thecatsite....Who else would give a flip?

Here it is....Keith with the boys trying to fit on his lap. Now I wish I had video taped this moment because it did not last very long. What happened, shortly after this pic was taken? A good-ole-fashion-cat-slap-fest! My BIG orange GoGo was the only one left on Keith's lap, of course...

Oh yeah, my husband will kill me if he finds out that I posted a picture of him wearing his "Fancy" PJ's —So can we keep this our little secret?

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:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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That is a GREAT photo!! I love it! What adorable cats you have too!!!!
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Big Kat...can you tell that these boys were all bottle fed by their daddy? LOL! I think it's so cute when a HEAVY cat behaves like they are a small kitten....Gotta' love em'—even if it cuts the circulation off in your legs...

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Keith!! Come see what Kim did at the CatSite!!!
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Keith a/k/a theCatGuy will probably go into hiding once he spots this lovely shot.....He'll get me back! LOL! I'll have to watch him carefully because he'll post a REALLY REALLY bad picture of me for sure...I think I will go hide the camera!


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Oh my my lots of cats! What a great picture! Ive missed you and your humour kim - Im glad to see you back!
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I'm very glad to see you back, too! I've missed all those crazy shots of it real or is it KimWard strikes again??? LOL

That is one full lap!
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Awwww! Thanks! I missed you guys, too.
valanhb - it's a real one...just look at poor Keith's face...when you add up all of that weight....he's got about 74 pounds of feline on his lap. LOL! Looks like he may develop a hernia if he's not careful...

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That is a great picture. Your cats sure do love their daddy.
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AAAWWWWWWW!!!! Doesn't that make you all warm and fuzzy? Great picture! I would love go grab up GoGo and cuddle him until he couldn't stand it. I have such a soft spot for huge orange tabby boys. I lost my dear Leo last fall and he was a big boy like that. Looked very much like GoGo. How much does that handsome fellow weigh? GoGo, not Keith!
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LOL! krazy kat2 - I hate to admit it but my little GoGo is 22lbs. I think he gained a little weight over the winter. He is a Biggin'
I am sorry to hear about your loss of Leo. I bet he was a momma's boy, huh? Since I can't hand my little GoGo this very moment (And I would) here's a GoGo Hug for those bunny paws:

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Uh Oh! - Keith's mad at me for posting a pajama picture of him. He's holding my camera hostage until he gets the worst possible picture of me. He's out for revenge and has become very sneaky about it, too. I woke up this morning to a CAMERA FLASH in my face...LOL!

Saaaaaavee Meeeee!

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Kim, Revenge is sweet! You pays your money and you takes your chances! Back to the kitties...did they really think they had a chance of fitting anywhere GoGo was sitting? It's great that your husband also loves cats! Mine does too. He always bought an extra cheeseburger when he stopped by a drive-through.
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Kim, you can tell him that with all those kitties on him, we could hardly see the 'jammies.
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ROTFL.....maybe this will help my's Keith smiling. That's a nicer picture don't you think? D

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I LOVE the pictures!!!!! And tell him not to worry...I think his PJ's are rather cute! And so is he!
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He does indeed have a nice smile, and nice PJ's too (I also am rather fond of the shirt and pants combo). The cats are adorable, but GoGo looks like he could teach my Willie how to open the fridge! It's really sad how we starve our cats around here, isn't it? One of Willie's favorite tricks is to jump on the bed and then stand on my chest... 15.8 pounds divided by 4 paws = PAIN!!
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Ahhhhh, Poor Spot! He still thinks there's room for him, doesn't he? I feel sorry for him. Could your husband gain some weight or buy a bigger lap? Or would GoGo chase him anyway? Hey, your husband and outfit are really cute, but I want to see the one of you when you first got out of bed! Come on, Kim. Fair is fair!
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