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Hi, my cat has been diagnosed with IBD. I was wondering if anyone has a cat who suffers from this or has had experience of this regarding food and medication as I have heard that food they have not had before is the best thing to feed them. If anyone can offer any advice on this or tips on what they gave their cat it would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance
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many find a all canned diet can help ... I have a IBSdog and she gets dry food for treat s and homemade food ( I work close with her vet )
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IBD can have several different causes with each cause having a different likelihood of occurrence and a different treatment. These treatments all differ from each other based on the cause.

Many vets including mine start with the most likely cause first, and then work their way to the lessor likely. Diet is usually changed first. Next a mild antibiotic (Tylan powder in small capsules) that can restore the balance in the intestine is tried. If these two treatments don't work, it may then be time to actually do an intestinal biopsy which is the only definitive method of diagnosis.
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