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to paint or not to paint?

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That is the question!
This summer I decided I wanted to paint the hallway of my apartment a robins egg blue...well, what with not living in the apartment for the summer (I'm a student and kept my apartment but lived at home), it didn't get done. Then fall came and I bought my paint...but school got in the way.
Now I'm in my apartment for my Christmas break, and my boyfriend starts talking to me about getting a 2 bedroom place for the two of us at the beginning of the summer.

I could paint....but is it worth the $35 to have the hall done the way I want it for 4 or 5 months?
OR I could save the paint and randomly paint something in the new apartment (assuming I'm allowed to).

I keep on trying to decide but I can't. What do you think?
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Having helped my sons move into new apt the last two Septembers - WAIT! It is such a pain to have to repaint the rooms. Not to mention the expense.
My daughter's apt doesn't permit painting the walls - and they do monthly inspections. At least it is one that we won't have to paint.
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I would wait as well. It can be a real pain to have to cover a bright color--I know from experience!
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Since its an apartment, do NOT paint it now if you are moving. You will have to repaint it white or the landlord will take the money for repainting the entire apartment when you leave.

And when you guys move, be sure to get permission to paint in the new apartment. If and when you move from there, you'll have to paint it white again. With the housing market at an all time low, you might start considering BUYING a townhouse or small single house - then you can paint whatever colors you want
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Actually, the landlords here are decent enough that as long as you have a "light colour" on the walls...which this is, they just send in a crew and paint everything beige. It just needs to be able to be covered by their cheap beige. They don't charge for this service (or for the professional carpet cleaning they do either). Doesn't negate the loss of paint however.
Of course I'll ask if I can paint, it's pretty common, and for the cost of some primer before I leave it's probably worth it not to live in white or beige for a year or two.
GoldenKitty, you have a good idea, but I'm a student still and my boyfriend is still figuring out what he wants to be when he grows up, so we can both afford rent, but buying a place would be interesting with one person with very low income and another with many thousands of dollars of debt. SOON though! Once i graduate and we move to where I get a job and I pay off a lot of my debt, we'll get a house, we're both really looking forward to a place in the country.
Ok, so consensus is no paint. Maybe I'll hang the lights I got for the hall anyway, it wont be perfect or exactly what I pictured, but it will still brighten up that stupid area (it's dark, no windows, narrow and you're surrounded by medium beige with a dim overhead light ). Thanks guys!
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DH also suggests you just get a lot of colorful wall hangings to brighten up the place - better then painting and repainting till you can get your very own place.
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A friend of mine painted an apartment she had. But she was there for a year or 2. I can't remember if she had to paint over it when she left--it was a mural style paint job. Looked really nice though.

I wish rentals had more color. I HATE white walls. And the walls here are really hard, so hanging things isn't an option.
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