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Feline whodunits

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Hi! I'm new here, so maybe you've already covered this subject, but for those of you who love cats and murder mysteries and find "Mrs. Murphy" and "The Cat Who..." cute, but ..., I'd like to recommend the "feline whodunits" by Akif Pirincci. He's a rather prolific Turkish-German author who has written four "cat detective" novels: "Felidae", "Francis", "Cave Canum" and "The Duel". The last one is still in hardback in the German original, so it probably won't be published in English for awhile. In my opinion, his works are really worth reading.
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Thanks for the info - I'll keep my eye out for it! Welcome to the site!
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Ditto...I'll keep my eyes peeled. Hmmm..."Feline whodunits"—not to be confused with thecatsite.com ...LOL!
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Hallo jcat,
Endlich mal jemand aus Deutschland auf der Katzenseite. Bei den Büchern kann ich nur zustimmen und hab sie schon gerne verschenkt. In welcher Ecke Deutschlands wohnst Du.Man könnte sich mal so nett am Telefon unterhalten(0451-22638 das ist Bad Schwartau)Ich habe eine ganz normale süße tigerige Kurzhaarkatze und eine ganz liebe ruhige Maine Coon.Hier in Lübeck scheint momentan eine Maine Coon Schwemme zu sein. Mindestens 3 Leute wollen kitten loswerden, die man ja wirklich nur von einem seriösen Züchter kaufen sollte.So das ist es aus dem kalten Norden. Viele herzliche Grüße Elisabeth Provos-Killing
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thanks for the hint kim!

I studied german in high school, but its all escaped my mind now LOL
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Weird...when I tried to translate the message all I got was a white screen.
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LOL...Well, when I translated it I got this:

Hello jcat, finally once someone out of Germany on the cats page. In the books, I only can agree and have gives away it already gladly. In which corner of Germany you live could be have seems yourself one once so nicely at the telephone unterhalten(0451-22638 that bath Schwartau) I an entirely normal sweet tigerige short hair cat and an entirely dear quiet Maine Coon. here in Lübeck to be momentarily a Maine Coon glut. At least 3 people want to cement get rid of, buy should be that one really only of a serious breeding so that it out of the cold north. Many sincere greetings Elisabeth Provos-Killing

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Not bad - are you using a translation program? I don't think they'll replace humans quite yet!
Liebe Elisabeth,
ich wohne in der Nähe von Stuttgart, bin aber keine Deutsche, sondern Ami(mit einem Deutschen verheiratet). Wir haben einen einfachen Hauskater, bald 4, der fast genau wie "Felix" aussieht. Die Maine Coons sind auch in dieser Gegend sehr populär.

And the translation:
Dear Elizabeth,
I live in the Stuttgart area, but I'm a Yank (married to a German), rather than a German. We have a male domestic shorthair, soon to be four, who looks almost exactly like "Felix". Maine Coons are also very popular in this area.
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LOL! I haven't really found a program yet that DOESN'T end up butchering vs translating ... :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 The one I used for this was new to me.

Lycos used to have a program, too— their program was pretty scary according to my friend. (He teaches Italian.) We experimented with the translator and I must say, it was comical.

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Those books sound good! And welcome to the site!
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I work at a business school (sort of a junior college), and teach German to English translation. My colleagues and I get a big kick out of the translation programs. It's really fun to take an English text, have it translated into German, then from German into Portuguese, and then have the Portuguese text translated back into English. Unrecognizable!
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