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She's HOME!!!!

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And she is not a happy camper... Poor girl has 3 rows of stitches across her belly with a cross drain through all. They have her on clavamox (pill form) and she is upstairs in the cat room. It took her quite a long time to leave her carrier and now she is curled up with Bruiser my Pound Puppy (stuffed) Although she is happy to be home, she is certainly unhappy with me, after all, I left her in that awful place! I am just so glad she is home, and the vet has no idea what happened to her. Once he got her asleep he tried to figure it out and couldn't. I will keep a close eye on her tonight.
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Thanks for the update. Glad she's home in her mom's loving arms. She'll get over the fact that she's made at you in no time. Hugs and kisses and tell her you did it for her own good.

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So glad she's back home. She's probably still in some pain so it's no wonder she's not being "nice" to you. I hope she feels better soon!
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i'm happy she's home and doing better, i'll pray for a quick recovery.

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that is great news! I'm so glad she is now somewhere where you can keep your eye on her :flash:
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Oh that is wonderful! I am so glad she is home! I hope she is all better soon!
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