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Question for those who buy pouches

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Most pouches are a hit with my cats because they like the gravy. The problem is that you have to feed so many to give them the same calories as they would get from a can. For ex: Nutro pouches say to feed 2 pouches per 5lbs each day, so that would mean that Mattie gets 4 pouches a day (if I just feed her wet, no dry)or 2 pouches at night (if I feed dry in the morning).

For those of you who buy pouches - how many times a day do you feed your cats? Mattie eats 2x a day, but when I give her a pouched food at night instead of a can, she doesn't eat the whole pouch. Should I give her another pouch later at night and switch her to feeding her 3x a day on days that I do feed pouches?

(I am probably thinking too hard about this, but I do appreciate your input).
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i feed Kandie one pouch with one can plus her dry when she ate that way .. or her raw and = to one pouch or 3 oz of canned
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Nabu gets a 3oz can of Fancy Feast for breakfast. At 3-4pm he gets another. And 7-8pm he gets a pouch of Meow Mix. He doesn't eat dry food really, and is at ideal weight.

Stimpy gets 1/4-1/3 of a 5.5 oz can at breakfast and again at 3-4pm. Sometimes he eats some of Nabu's pouch at night. Stimpy also eats dry food and isn't a huge wet food fan. So that's why he gets less wet.
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each of mine get a pouch a day (they are small, still kittens, two are still about 5 pounds, one is about 8 pounds). i put out their dry food in the morning and when it's gone it's gone. i feed the pouch (either nutro or wellness, sometimes meow mix) in the morning. when i've tried feeding it at night they never finished it, but in the morning the gulp it down. they always save a little hard food to snack on at night and since they are still kittens, they still get the midnight crazies and run around like lunitics between 12-1am, especially the girls, they practically destroy the place!
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I rotate pouches and can, so I don't just exclusively feed pouches. But if my kitten has a pouch for breakfast, I'll be feeding her two can - I feed her about 5 times a day. She has really good appetite and will eat one whole pouch at one sitting. I do notice that she gets hungry earlier if her first meal of the day is a pouch.
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We mix pouches and cans...my two are eating a mix of wet and dry so they split a 3oz can and a 3 oz pkg daily. I agree the pouches don't have the calories that a canned loaf-style food has. Plus, Bella usually licks the gravy and leaves most of the chunks.
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I free feed a mix of good/high-quality dry, and the kits come and go to the bowl off and on all day long for small meals.

I feed one 3 oz pouch to each cat (with one exception: Penny gets a tub of Sheba) in the evening for "supper" and that's working well.

Any more wet food per day and it just goes to waste (I used to feed wet in the morning AND in the evening, but they started rejecting the wet in the mornings.)

I'm not calorie counting, but I can tell you that my cats are neither overfed nor underfed - they are each at an appropriate weight for their size and body type. Of course, they are all between the age of 2-1/2 and 10 months old, so this may change as they age and their nutritional needs change.
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