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New Kitten!!

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Yippee! I finally found a new kitten to add to my family. I've been interning at a very large shelter, and I've worked with probably 200 cats the past three weeks, and finally found the perfect kitty. I was looking for a spunky male kitten so that the kitty would have a better chance of getting along well with my two dogs, but wanted a personality that was just as cuddly as it was spunky. During the three weeks and with well over 50 kittens to choose from, I only found 3 cats that met my requirements. One kitten died during surgery (probably due to an undiagnosed medical problem, he had a few known issues), one went to a foster home, and the third is little Zoey.

She is an all black kitten with a nasty eye ulcer that has healed beautifully, but not pretty enough for her to get adopted. She was going to have her eye removed, but I decided I needed her instead. I was going to try to hold out for a few more days for a male kitten, but her personality is just so stellar that I couldn't do it. What can I say, I'm a softie, and she's perfect!!!

She is getting spayed on Thursday and will come home with me on Friday. Thanks for reading this small novel, I promise to get photos at work tomorrow!!!
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Congrats!! Hope to see pics soon
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Glad to hear that you have a new little one to love.

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i love black cats ....

did the vet know what caused the ulcer??? is it a chronic issue that will return or did the surgery eliminate it ??
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awww, can you possibly adopt 2 kittens? the little black girl and pick out a boy?
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Here's the kitten pics!!! Her eye looks really horrid in the photos, but it looks SO much better to me...

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She's CUTE! I really like the third picture with her looking up with an expression of wonder/bewilderment on her little face!

Congratulations! And best of luck with her.
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Hopefully we'll be able to see an ophthalmologist on Monday to find out the full prognosis for her eye... I'm pretty sure its good from my own exam, but I think we need an expert to make sure...
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Ohhh... she is beautiful!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
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Awww....she makes me think of my little Carter
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Is that glaucoma on her eye?? It looks all cloudy, so I figured Id ask!

She is gorgeous, and I would have got her too!! Tomarrow is the lucky day you get to take her home huh??
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She is so cute. You can tell that she has a lot of purrsonality just by her body language.
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She actually recovered so well from her surgery that she got to come home with me today. She didn't balk at all when meeting my two large dogs, in fact she wanted to play and they were sooo confused! My other two cats hate the dogs. She is playful and exploring, but takes a break all curled up every now and again so you know her tummy must hurt.

I'll update again next week after we see the opthalologist. For now, she's even more perfect than I had imagined!
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Ohh, she sounds sooo wonderful!! Im glad she is doing so well from the surgery!!!
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