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Need Feeding Advice

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Hello all,
As you may know we have a new kitten in our house. I have been feeding him dry kitten food in a separate location from the older two cats. I have been monitoring the food put down to the my two girls (the older two). They are eating their normal amount plus the kitten's food. I have been just keeping food constantly available for the kitten, because he is very food aggressive. I want him to know that he will always be feed here. He will actually run the girls off from the food--I think he was a stray that had to fend for himself. (he came from a shelter-but had only been put out the day before) My consern is that Pooka, one of my girls is really packing on some weight. It has only been two weeks but I can tell that she is heavier. I don't want her to become over weight and unhealthy but I also don't want Ezekiel (the kitten) to think that he might not get fed. What would you all suggest? I was thinking maybe some sort of a feeding schedule? Would that help solve the problem?
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what are you feeding .. ie brand and type
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currently I am feeding dry only-(I am looking for threads on the forum about this, as it has recently come to my attention that this may not be the best for my babies) I feed Ezekiel (13or 14 weeks old) purrina Kitten chow. And the Older two girls I have just switched to 9 lives growing years for cats 0 to 3 years. Pooka is 1 year 6 six months and Trinity is 4-almost 5 years old. But Trinity tends to be a bit under weight so I thought that the higher protien and fat content would be ok for her. I am open to suggestions as to the best food for them. I tried to give Zeek the Science diet that he had at the shelter but he wouldn't eat it. I also tried Iams wet kitten food but he wouldn't touch that either--in fact none of the cats would eat it. ?? I live in a really rural area so I am pretty much limited to what I can get at Walmart.
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I just found out the detriments of feeding totally dry myself. I am in the process of getting all my cats to eat a combo of wet and dry food. Whatever kitten food you settle on, I would recommend some canned food as well.

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Walmart has a brand called Maxxium which IMHO is decent and Natural life the dry is so so but the wet is = to many premiums .. read the AFFCO statement which may be in fine print on the back or side panels for all life stage or growth and maintence

IMHO you went down in quality ... read the ingrediants kitten chow is not great with corn and poultry by products making up most of it but it is naturally preserved and no artificial colors or flavors ... 9 live I beleive is meat by products which = any kind of meat organs ft head s ... has the colors and two if memory serve pres bha and bht
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oops! I only switched him to the purina because he wouldn't eat the science diet. So what can you tell me as far as the whole wet vs dry vs raw thing goes? I am not sure that I have the fortitude for raw but I am willing to think about it, if it just that much better for my kitties.
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Dry is convient yet it is not near mimicing natural prey ... ie there are no kibble trees in the wild ...

wet moisture and protein and fat do come close to mimicing natural diet

raw well the closest without letting the animal hunt for all it s food ...

for most a mix or dry and canned is the best for them and the cat
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