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Jack, isn't he adorable?

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I have had Jack for 8 weeks now the vet estimates his age at about 5 months. He is growing like a weed and although I have been hanging out of the forums for 8 weeks I haven't posted pictures of Jack yet.

I have some newer pictures on the camera but haven't uploaded them yet.


Leslie and Jack
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He's adorable!!
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he's lovely hehe
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What an adorable fuzzy thing!
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Aww, Jack is a sweetie pie.
Your fuzzy boy.
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look at all that fuzz!! Jack is a cutie pie!
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AWWW I just want to cuddle him!!
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Oh wow! What an adorable fuzz ball! His coat looks thick. Is it hard to brush/comb?
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Thanks for all the sweet comments! We are loving every minute of him!

He is a fuzz ball!

His coat is pretty thick but he doesn't mind brushing and it doesn't mat, just gets a good brush one or two times a week and a brush through with the furminator once a week--no shedding at all!

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Wow! Look at all that FUR! I want to sink my fingers through it. He's a great looking guy.

Love the last picture,especially.
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