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Hello and Happy New Year everyone! I have a couple questions pertaining behaviors of two of my cats. Does anyone have any insight or have a similar situation?

Lilly (8 yrs, spayed): She's always near me when I'm home and always watching me. Sleeps with me the entire time I'm sleeping. Sits next to me what I'm at my computer. Watches tv with me. Always by my side. (Just like right now ) It's been brought to my attention recently that when I leave for work or any short trip, she grabs a certain toy and meows and yowls carrying it around the house almost the entire time I'm gone. She also does this when I'm falling asleep, but she brings the toy to the side of the bed and drops it.. sometimes she immediately turn around and find a new toy and do the same thing. Is this a form of separation anxiety?

Kittie (7 yrs, spayed): Kitty has a bad habit of yowling in the middle of the night, usually around 3 am. I know that she's playing because I can hear her diving around the living room at the same time. She's a fairly vocal cat. Always wanting attention and meowing at us to give it to her, but the loud yowling is only at night. Is this another attention cry?

Thanks everyone