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I love it

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Sometimes when I walk into a room Popsie will look up at me so adoringly. Then when I pat him on the head he gives me squinty eyes. Do your cats ever look at you like you're the best thing in the world?
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Yes!! Is there anything sweeter?
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My cat Morty gives me kisses. XXXX
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yeh! i love that hehe
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Originally Posted by heddafish View Post
My cat Morty gives me kisses. XXXX

Chynna does too . And I've noticed that sometimes Abby will give me kisses too, but not consistently.
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Callie loves to give me kisses, esp on the nose. its so sweet.
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Quill likes to kiss me too ... he's a ladie's man
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I know that look, and I love it more when I get kisses, which Blue and Willie do it, and Bella and Willie also give u their paw with that look It is just too sweet! Stormie, Midnight, and Tessa just give the look but its too cute when they do!
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Since I don't have any personal furbabies right now, I cannot answer that. But I have gotten that adoring look from my shelter babies. It's especially gratifying to get a paw tap and loving look/kisses from a shy or scared cat I've been working with.
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I get kitty kisses, too. Is it any wonder that cats have been pets since ancient Egypt?
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Mattie never looks at me like I'm the best thing in her world. In fact, she runs when she sees me. (This is a new development and has to do with the fact that I am sticking corticosteroid cream on her chin everyday for kitty acne). Although rare, she does this thing when you are giving her belly rubs (she only likes it a specific way, you have to cuddle her from behind) where she'll tilt her head back and give you this look that just makes me melt.
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