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Working out.. with Trout..LOL

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Well, my gym is closed today so I had to improvise at home..little did I know Trout would try to "help" me by...

Attacking my dangling ponytail as I'm doing bench presses

Attacking my MP3 wires at any given moment during pushups

Attacking my fingers because they were dangling over the end of the coffee table as I did bent over rows..

Do you see a pattern here with the word "attack"?

I managed to get through with only minimal scratches though

She is so silly
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She was giving you the advanced trainer package. Keeps you moving.
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You have quite the little spotter.
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You should see the way Tiny stares at me when I do yoga! Like, "You're acting weird! I don't like it! Don't act weird!" He's so neurotic sometimes. Baby, on the other hand, is like, "Hmph, I can stretch farther than that! Wait a minute, there's your lap, I'm gonna get on it... hey, don't stand up! I wanted the lap!"
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haha! She just wanted to make sure that you got the maximum work out for your money! lol
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That's right, she was making you move extra muscles by having to avoid her attacks!
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OMG Thats hilarious! Usually ours just sits on the mat I use and then go nuts when I roll onto them.

Guess Trout needed her workout too!
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Exercise is so much more enjoyable with a buddy!!!
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Exercise is so much more enjoyable with a buddy!!!
yeh, that's true hehe! & even more fun, when it's your cat!
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Oh my goodness! What a silly girl!!!!

It sounds like our place, if it's not one cat bothering you it's two!
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A personal trainer for free. Lucky you!
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