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please help me SOS!

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hello all, I need help, encouragement and understanding. A distant neighbor has moved and left behind 5 cats! (can't prove it was them, but another neighbor said it was)

I am sooo upset. The female that chose my front porch appears to be pregnant. I can't keep her, husband says two is the limit and he is allergic. They are outdoors, (please, they have heated enclosed beds, so please, I can't take a lecture right now) My goal is to keep them til they expire of old age and not get anymore. Now a third, pregnant cat is here.

Here's my problem, husband says absolutely not are we keeping her. But she is so lovable and gentle. He reminds me of how he has to blow the cat hair off the porch with the leaf blower in the warm months just so he can sit out there without having an attack.

I am so
I'm having anxiety attacks over this too. She is so sweet you guys.

nobody around here will take her, all of the no kills are full. I can't even find a foster home for her. My only alternative, which I hate, is to take her to the county shelter. And I KNOW what will happen to her then. This is killing me inside.

And guess what? I'll probably have to do it four more times cause some freakin morons left their cats!!! I'm so mad and sad that I'm shaking and I can't hardly catch my breath.

please- I need some comforting words...please help me not feel so lousy about this.
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Where do you live?
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I live in Northern KY
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Is there any chance your husband will agree to letting you see her and the babies through the winter and then find homes for them in the spring? (He doesn't need to sit on the porch in the winter ) Or at least until one of the no-kills has some space open up?

Sometimes, with guys, you have to just tell 'em what's what and not let them get away with trying to be boss.
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no, it's not an option, she needs to be inside for her babies, or spayed and the babies aborted. I can't help her. that's what's so frustrating.

and if she stays here, she would have to be vaccinated which I don't have the money for.

I'm just so aggravated over this, cause of someone else's thoughtlessness, I am in this very difficult situation.

I feel very bad about it.
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Maybe there's a vet office that would take them and try to find a home for them? I know there's nothing you can really do today, since it's a holiday.

I know you're sad and frustrated. Hopefully tomorrow more people will show up on the board and have much better ideas than I do -- maybe there'll even be someone who lives near enough to you to help.
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I've called everybody, vets, rescues, etc.

because of morons like these neighbors, no kill places will always be full.

I hate being painted into this ugly corner.

thanks for your support. I really appreciate it.
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Know where you are coming from. Got my last 2 cats that way. GRRRR.
don't it make you flameing mad?

Anyway, here's a couple of suggestions. Write a one time grant for this kitty for spay neuter from United Animal Nations.

See if they will help with the vaccine and the spay/neuter/abort.

Second, if this cat is a breed even part pure - like Maine Coon, Manx, American bobtail or Siamese
(my latest kittens, LOL) then try with the breed rescues.

Third: Absolutely keep her on the porch through winter. Tell hubby you will make sure there is a solution by spring. Dang man isn't going to be using it till spring, is absolutely correctomundo. Keep looking meantime for
help in the no kills etc. It is ENTIRELY possible if you are persistent enough they will assist you.

Fourth: Contact Feral Friends from Alley Cat Allies - the feral friends may be able to help find a colony, barn and/or place to home this sweetheart.

Fifth: Advertise at church, vets etc. Just put up a flyer. Charge a small
fee esp if cat is fixed by you. say 50 dollars. This is NOT excessive for shots/spay/neuter kitty.

Sixth: check out low cost spay neuter clinics some of which TRAVEL to YOU.
1-800-spay-usa. One phone call is all you need to make to find out what's in your area. A bit of internet research also.

I think that covers it all. If it comes to keeping - you can always place outdoor kitty shelters OFF the porches you know...
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Where you located in in Northern, Ky.? Are you close to Cincinnati at all? If so, and you're willing to PM me your contact info, I can request that message be sent through the local rescue network regarding the situation. That might get some response. There are also a number of low cost spay/neuter resources available in the area. There's a group in Northern, Ky., that provides vouchers for $25 spay/neuters. You just have to use a certain vet.

Let me know. I'll be glad to spread the word and see if we can find some help for you and the cats.
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I'm in Indiana, not too far from Cincinnati if you're close to there. I have a rescue group and I rescue primarily pregnant cats and orphaned kittens. Send me a PM if I can help you out at all.
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I would say to try to have someone on here take them for you!

Theres that Rescue League on here that rescues them!
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ok, here's the scoop. I took her to the animal shelter yesterday. They said they were short on cats at the moment so she would not be euthanized right away. I worried about her all night, slept very little, my husband said he felt awful cause he knew I took her to the shelter because of him. (see, he does have a heart)

This morning I called the shelter and asked if anybody looked at her and they said no. I told them "don't euthanize her, call me first, I'll come get her."

They phoned me back around 2:30 this afternoon to tell me that they shaved her belly and she HAS A SPAY SCAR!!! Maybe just overeating to compensate for the time she went hungry?...

Tomorrow morning they are testing her to see if she is feline leuk. neg. If so, I am picking her up at 1:00 in the afternoon and she will come home. Let's just hope she is neg. for the leuk.

I want to thank everybody for not jumping all over me, I was already so tore up over it that I don't think I could have taken it. Oh, and to Bean walker, I didn't get your pm til after I had already taken her to the shelter, I'm sorry I didn't get back with you.

I haven't see hide nor hair of the other four cats that were left also. But I'm sure they'll turn up sooner or later.
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So hubby is letting you keep her now??? Maybe I missed something!!
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Yes, husband felt so bad when I took her to the shelter that he said it would be ok for me to go get her.

So I'll be going at 1:00 to pick her up if she tests negative for the fel. leuk.
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she tested neg. for the feline leuk. so I went and picked her up. As soon as we got home, she went straight to the porch, had something to eat and drink, groomed herself and settled in for a nap.

She seems to be content here.

In late spring I am moving the food/water station to my cedar potting shed so there will be less hair on the porch. Hubby will appreciate that. And the beds will go in there too, minus the heaters. The kitty's are all familiar with the shed cause that's where the litter box is.

Should work out nicely for all involved.

Did I tell you all there are no kittens? She has a spay scar!
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(And please tell hubs he's getting giant internet hugs from me)
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thanks, I'll pass on that big ol hug to him.
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Hooray for all of you!! How special you must feel knowing that your feelings mattered more to your hubby than putting up with his allergies - that is LOVE
Sending TCS {{{prayers and vibes}}} that the other kitties show up soon & that you are able to get rehoming assistance for them
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