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Does anyone use Ebates.com? I just signed up for it today. If you go through their site to get to an online retailer, you get a percentage cash back. I was browsing through it today, and they have many pet food sites, such as Pet Food Direct, Petsmart, and Petco on there, with some as 6% cash back. I know a lot of people use Pet Food Direct and maybe they were interested in this site to earn money back. They send a check every 3 months or so. I think right now, if you sign up, you get a choice of a free $10 giftcard to one of the stores they offer (you'll see it when you go to ebates.com). There are lots and lots of stores, so if you shop online a lot, this is definitely for you.

I'd love the referral points. Since I dont know if I can post my email here, send me a PM if you happen to sign up. I think we each get a $5 bonus in our account. Hope I helped!
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wow, that sounds like a really great idea! does it cost anything to sign up?
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Nope it's totally free. And once you sign up, you get the choice of the $10 giftcard. I didnt realize that there were so many different online retailers that took part in it. I think I'll do my pet food shopping online now, since some places do free shipping with x amount of dollars spent.
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Very cool! I'll have to check it out
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thats pretty neat!!
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I will definately check it out too..thanks!
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