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Diarrhea+Wood floor=URG!!! :(

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I have Nature's Miracle, but I can't pour it all over and let it soak in. It would ruin the flooring.

He has had diarrhea in the same spot 2x now. How do I get it clean?? I am calling the vet tomorrow. They can not live in the bathroom indefinitely. They've had diarrhea for 2 weeks at least.
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Sorry to hear your 2 kitties are sick. Yes, they do need to see a vet. But in the meantime, you could make boiled rice and chicken for them. That sometimes stops the diarrhea. Maybe google some thing to help with cleaning your wood floors. Type in sthings like - 'pet safe wood floor cleaner' or something to that effect. If you don't get what you want with the above maybe some other phrase will work.

Keep us posted on how the kitties are doing.
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These links have information about cleaning wood floors with enzyme cleaners. Ultimately, you have to wait for the area to dry completely after using them.


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