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A Kitty Christmas present

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While I was busy wondering what to get my kitties for Christmas, they already had one in mind for me. On Nov. 29, one of my little ones (Spookie) decided he wanted to explore his own winter wonderland, and ran out the front door as I came in from work. We searched for hours, but it was to no avail. I was devastated. Neither him or his brother Oreo had ever been outside in the year we've had the pleasure of being owned by them. All week long, we left food outside, we left a couple objects with his brothers scent out so he could smell where his home was, we even left our door open for several hours hoping he might run up and see the open door. No luck. Well, Dec. 6, a week later down to the hour, I hear the most pitiful meow at my back door, and when I open it....THERE HE WAS!! I was so happy, for 5 whole seconds. He was so happy to see us that he is rubbing his face on us, and that's when we notice the quarter size hole in his neck. It was horrible. We cleaned his wound with peroxide, filled it with neosporin, and layered it with gauze, then a sock with the toes cut out and pulled over it to keep him from scratching it off. And the sock thing worked really well. We took him to the vet the next morning, Dec. 7 and got him his shots, and stitches and went ahead and had him neutered. (You know that was a fun day for him) He came home that day with some antibiotics, and it had to come back in 10 days to remove his stitches. You'd think that our kitty crisis was done, but that's why I don't get paid to think!, because low and behold, we come home from Christmas shopping, Dec. 14, a week later to find our other kitty, Oreo laying on his back, twitching his little paws, grunting and growling. We rush over, and start petting him and examining him, and realize his little belly is hard as a rock. We immediatly rush him to the vet, thinking he is maybe constipated or blocked up. Come to find out that he has bladder stones (at 16 months old!), and one is blocking his urethra, and his bladder is swollen at least 2-3 times its normal size. They rush him into surgery, and catheterize him, flush out the stones, run him an iv, give him his shots, and I also had him neutered. They kept him 4 days. And also, my vet was very helpful. After both cats, I had run up quite a bill, and they put the 4th days stay on the house, which was a huge help with it being Christmas and all. Well, on Dec. 18 we get to bring our sweetheart home, with instructions to give him his medicine, and plenty of fluids and rest, and a change to special food. Well he starts throwing up his food after a couple of days, but he acts as if he is getting better. He is walking aroung more and interacting with his brother again. Dec. 25th, Christmas morning, he squats in the middle of our kitchen floor and starts urinating blood. I don't know how long he was doing this before then because he had been going in the litter box and all I had noticed was that he was going to the bathroom again which I thought was good. Dec. 26th, we rush him to the vet again. He has developed a urinary tract infection as well as he is still producing more stones. They pump him with fluids, flush out the stones, and give him antibiotics. They want to keep him for 2-3 days, but I was a little financially stretched at this point so I bring him home, and keep a very close watch on him. They said to bring him back in a week to check to see if his hydration is good and possibly run a fluids bag if needed. They had to change his antibiotics, because he had an allergy to the original antibiotic, and his system was unable to process the medicine, which led to the UTI. We have since placed him on Hills Prescription Diet, which seems to be helping. While he was at the vet, Oreo caught a small cold, which he has passed on to Spookie, so currently I have 2 very sneezy, runny nosed kitties, that are otherwise doing good. Spookie doesn't seem to understand why he doesn't get to eat with his brother anymore, but Oreo is fine with it. I think he sees it as more for him Spookie's cut has healed up wonderfully, with a surprisingly small scar. He's a little under the weather with his cold, but aside from that he is back to normal. Oreo is finally starting to act like our little hoppy kitty, running around, chasing birds in the window, and investigating ladybugs. Christmas might have been a little short for everything else, but the greatest Christmas gift of all was that I was able to wake up with 2 furry feet warmers on the end of my bed this morning, and after everything that has happened this month, that was my Christmas miracle.
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your kitties have been keeping running, sending some good healing and stay out of trouble vibes
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What an ordeal. I hope they both manage to stay healthy for a long time.
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After reading your Nov/Dec ordeal, I'm very glad that your kittie is feeling alright and getting much better.
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Wow. That was some month, huh?

Good for you though for getting both cats through their respective ordeals. They are lucky to have you --- you are their Christmas miracle!

I hope that the worst is over.
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