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Do you think they know?

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How cute they're being?

Whitey was laying, sleeping, in the hallway when I went to the bathroom. I started talking to him (the door wasn't shut) and he curled his head under and rolled over on his back.

Even Luna...she's on the perch for the window cleaning herself and I called her name. She stopped and began rolling and reaching for me
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Of course they know! Maia will wake up from a deep slumber if I even move! If I call her name, her ears are straight in my direction, sometimes when I call her because I am lonely, she huffs and pretends to be sleeping!!!
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They absolutely know!
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Yes, they know... When Seamus first came home and was so scared of me, I used to talk to him a lot to get him comfortable... and he used to lay down on the floor and I'd say "aww, who's so cute" and he'd roll over and meow, like saying "Me!"

He still shows off like that when he wants attention, because he knows I'll stop and bend over to pet him if he's being cute.
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of course they know, sometimes squishy will roll all over like that and purrr real loud and won stop until i pick her up and snuggle with her, i tell her i love her and put her back down and off she will go. Sometimes i think thats her way of telling me she wants a hug
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Do they know??

Does a bear do his business in the woods??

This is our cats:

This is us:

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yep i am sure they do.
lol , just like heyu knows when its bed time. she just sit on the bed and yells for her pillow(me)
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