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Just thought I would post my first attempt at capturing smoke rising from a insense stick and a bit of touching up, Hope you like

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That`s great! How did you do the colour?
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That is beautiful. It looks like a mirror image of an abstract parent holding a baby up or playing the "fly baby" game.

I love it
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Thanks, the colour was done in photoshop, the nice thing I have found is that you can look at it and see a different picture within. Gonna be smoking the place out later again, hopefully not with the roasted belly of pork that I got in the oven at the moment though
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that's fantastic! wow!
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Wow, that's really really pretty
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That's so pretty!
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Very cool!
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Very pretty!
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Cool! Did you really take that picture or did it come from a UFO?
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Wow! That's a gorgeous image, congratulations!
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Oooh, that's really neat.
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I cant get enough of these now

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That is wonderful!! it makes me think -- MeScaLiNnnNnE!!
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